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donderdag 23 juni 2016

Jean Höfler Figures 5 and 6

Just a small post to let you know that I'm still busy. Last week the doctor gave me green light to go back to work. So next Monday, after almost four months they will see me back at the office! For that reason I'm doing everything to clean up my painting desk, and the only thing I'm doing now is painting and basing things. I know when I'm back at work, the first days there will be not much time to paint, but maybe some more time to post things. So you can look forward to a lot of painted stuff!
Today I present the next two figures of the Jean Höfler range I've painted. The first one is painted in random colors and the second one could be an old confederate soldier. These figures are a real joy to paint when you're not in the mood for painting little details! And you can give them almost all colors whatever you want. More figures will follow in the future! In the mean time enjoy these two!

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woensdag 8 juni 2016

Peter Pig Pirates Set 1 Unarmed Pirates

First a little announcement. I updated my previous post about the FIGZ meeting with some links to more pictures of the event. I also have to clear out that I was at home and not at the meeting. The pictures were send to me so I could post them on the forum to let the other members see what was going on in Arnhem. (FIGZ 2016 Pictures)
So now back to the title of this post. You all know that the Wargaming Girl, Tamsin sended me some Peter Pig Pirates that I won in the Give Away she has done. As I am a very curious person I wanted to know what it is to paint 15 mm figures. And with the good advice (haha!) I had in the comments of that post I started with the following three figures. In every bag there are eight figures in three different poses.
I must say it worked extremely well. I thought that I would not see what I'm doing on these figures, but I could see it. I painted them just like I do with my 20 mm figures (thanks Sander!). White basecoat, flesh parts and then adding different colors and washes (and some drybrushing). Well enough blabla, here are the pictures!
The three poses of this set.

Forgot to paint the belt, but that is fixed now!

Great sculpted figures!

All three are yelling!

Green finger is fixed!

This jacket wasn't easy, because I didn't know how to paint it!
I decided he's wearing a stolen jacket from a French Officer!

And he took the wallet to!
The close ups of the figures was good to see the errors I made. I fixed them all and now they are waiting in a box for some more friends. I hope I can paint some more in between of the other figures I'm working on!
Thanks again Tamsin. A new world of figures has opened their doors for me. I'm allready making a list for the CRISIS in Antwerp, this November, to buy some more sets. For example the guns and some British.
Thanks for looking and if you have some more advice for painting this figures, just let it come! I will read them with big interest!
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zondag 5 juni 2016

FIGZ 2016 Pictures

Saterday building up!

Sunday before the opening!

Lot's of cars are arriving!

Entries for the different painting competitions!

Workshop tree building!

Wrong shirt! No FIGZ shirt!
In the mean time here at home, while I'm following the event from a distance!

To Far, but supporting from here with the right shirt!
And I'm having these (Sorry Ray and Fran!):

That's it for now. When I get more pictures of the ongoing event I will update this post!
Well the meeting ended on Sunday and I didn't receive more pictures from over there. But.. on Benno's Figures Forum a lot more pictures are appearing in this POST!
And also here in this post of  Zed's Napoleonics!
Next year I hope to be present at the event in Arnhem and not at home hoping for pictures to show up! The pictures of the event were kindly send to me by my good friend Remco from Remco Miniatures!

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dinsdag 31 mei 2016

Airfix Set 01719 Arabs (Bedouins)

Just a quick post at the end of the month. Finished these figures this week and I thought why not posting them directly. This set is from the year I was born, so very old! And what me most surprised is that the sculpting of this figures isn't that bad. Not to much moldlines and flash, so for me that is excellent as I hate it to remove those. A complete review of this set and the year (!) they are produced can be found here!
The set contains ten different figure poses, two horse poses and two camel poses. I painted all ten different figures and all the horses and camels from the set. As I'm planning that these will join my Arabian/Muslim army I kept the same color scheme as for the other figures. White and red as the main colors. For a more colored version of these figures, have a look at the blog of my good friend Paul, Paul's Bods. He even painted Omar Shariff!
First a picture of the whole bunch. As can be seen four standing/lying figures, three horse riders and three camel riders.
Here some closer pictures of the standing and lying figures. The one fyering in lying position isn't that good. I couldn't remove the plastic on his head because I would have ruined the figure.

Next are the riders. They make a nice command group together. I also can tell that is was a hard job to get those horses on the bases. It didn't fit nicely, so I had to fix it with some super glue!
Three horse riders is a bit less, so I hope that Strelets will soon release their Lawrence of Arabia set. The box art and the masters of this set can be seen here!


And here are the camel riders. Again some nice figures to represent a command group. I had a little accident with the camel on the right. By removing flash, I cut off the left leg. I tried to restore it as good as possible.

The next pictures are showing what is done from this army so far. First the camelry, then with the cavalry and next the whole bunch together with the infantry!

That was it for now. I hope you like them, and the next ones will be again from Esci! See you soon!
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