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dinsdag 15 maart 2011

On Patrol

This time some figures and a little vignette of the English Civil War (ECW). It all started with some other guys by painting figures as comparison. And this was the result:

But I found this guy a bit lonely, so I started to create a little dio with some friends of him. They are situated somewhere on a hill, on patrol. It became my favourite work.

The figures are from A Call To Arms, these sets:
- Royalist infantry
- Parliament infantry
- English civil war command set

And here are the pictures. Enjoy them.

I also would like to say welcome to some new friends here:

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15 opmerkingen:

  1. Very nice painting, love the last picture from above, good work.

  2. Your shading is cracking mate.That colour blue is spot on.The whole dio looks really welled posed.

    Cheers Rich.

  3. Nice dio with some excellent painting and basing. Like how you set up the scene.

  4. good work and a nice little dio there
    Peace James

  5. Who started the comparison thing??? I don´t remember that :-D
    They are should do more ECW ...

  6. Thanks for the nice comments guys.

    @Paul: what comparison section? :-D Some more ECW figures? Mh maybe ;-)

  7. Great artwork and the detail is truly amazing! Excellent job!

  8. Great work, You've done an excellant job on the diorama.

  9. Here's comparison:

    started with some other guys by painting figures as comparison.

  10. @mekelnborg: can you please explain, what you mean with this post? If I made a language mistake please tell me. English is not my native language.