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zondag 3 juli 2011

Turkey Hunt

This figure, of the Revell American Militia set a re-issue of the accurate set, is a bit odd because he's pointing his gun up. It looks like he's shooting at a rider, so I thought, and he looks like a hunter, let him go hunting some turkeys.

It was also the first one of this set I've painted. I will post the rest of them later on this week. All 15 other poses of them.

Maybe one remark. I don't like the base very much, but it's not my intention to keep him on it.

Enjoy the pictures!

Hope you like him!

And welcome to El Senyor Verd and he has some nice painted figures on his blog El Senyor Verd.

Welcome to my blog!!!!!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I like him, perhaps he's just setting his sites before he lowers his musket??

  2. Thanks Ray, and yes maybe he might be doing that :-D

    PS: That was fast, only two minutes after publicing :-)


  3. He could also be shooting up the hill at King's Mountain in 1780. That place looks just like this picture.

    On the hill the 'British' were local Loyalists who would look just like this guy, except shooting their Pennsylvania long rifles down the hill. All except Major Patrick Ferguson, who had invented the Ferguson rifle, and was now holed up on that hill to use it.

    @peter, check inbox--
    figs on the way after Post Office opens up after Independence Day on the 4th

  4. Regardless of pose, he's very well painted though.

  5. Turkey target? Locked!!!!
    Nice painting mate!!!

  6. Thanks for the nice comments!

    @mekelnborg: I've checked it and say thanks to you. Happy Independence Day!

    @Al: I also added your link and I follow your blog ;-)