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zondag 14 augustus 2011

Revell Fokker DR I

Sunday afternoon. While I'm watching a cycling race, I thought myself why don't you put something together. So I digged up this little kit and did it. I made a step by step, so you all can follow how it was build. I warn you it's not an easy kit, and as the box said "ages 6 & up", I'm pleased I could build it in 20 minutes, included taking pictures (yes I'm blond).

Historical background of this aircraft can be found here (Wiki page)

Now let's start:

The box.

What's in it.

Tools needed.

Instructions on the back of the box.
Look in the right corner, 6 years!
I did in 20 minutes!

Parts step 1.

Parts step 1 put together.

Parts step 2.

Parts step 2 put together.

Parts step 3.

Parts step 3 put together.

Parts step 4.

Parts step 4 put together.
And finished!

Nice and easy. This is just a fun kit wich I like a lot. And it only cost 2.5 Euro.

Hope you like it to!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. A bit of weathering and some rigging and it will look perfect ;-D

  2. Did it come with the decals already on? If it did that's a bargain price.

  3. @Paul: weathering and rigging? No I don't think so. I want to keep it like it is. Just out of the box. Maybe I have to buy another one where I can do that. I'll keep it in mind.

    @Ray: Like you see it on the second pictures it comes out of the box. Decals on it. No glueing, no painting, just click together and ready. Nice kit for kids who want to start with the hobby!

    Thanks for the comments!


  4. I really love those snap-together or at least relatively easy models and just did the same today on some Armourfast Sherman tanks, that are also easy to put together like that.

    In the shop by where I live there are WWI aircraft like that but they are 1/72, or he also has larger, but I would really like smaller. Are these smaller than 1/72, likke 1:100 or 1;144?

  5. @mekelnborg: thanks! Revell has a 1/100 serie to. This one is smaller, and it's just a guess but I think it's 1/144.

    Just have a look at the Revell website: