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zaterdag 17 september 2011

Hat Nassau Infantry Grenadiers

As said in my previous post, the Hat Nassau Infantry Fusiliers, I was working on these Grenadiers. Now finally I managed to finish them. I'll be honest, while painting them, I hate them. But then when I see the final result, I'm so pleased to see them. These figures have a very nice colorful uniform, and they look so good in group. But the group picture will for the end of the Group Build on Benno's Figures Forum, where you can see all the pictures in one topic.

One of the reasons I'm still painting these figures, is that I want to support my good friend Jan from MABO Pictures. He runs a website about DVD's on modelling. But he's also the only one who is painting these figures in that GB. You can see how he's painting them here.

These Grenadiers come from two sets of Hat. The first one, and the biggest with the Fusiliers and Light Company figures only contain two Grenadiers. It's the Hat 8147 Nassau Infantry set. The other four are from the Hat 8097 Lutzow Freikorps & Nassau Grenadiers . They match very well, so I decided to paint them also for this GB.

Here are the pictures:

All six of them front view.

All six of them rear view.

The two figures of set 8147.

The four figures of set 8097.

I hope you like them!

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  1. Nice painting Pete. How bigs would the unit be and how many do you have to paint?

  2. I have these figures from both sets, too, but they currently sit in my unpainted mountain of plastic :-(

    Very nice work. I'll keep an eye out on Benno's for Jan's progress!

  3. Very Nice, Have you Matt sealed them?

    Will be using these as refernce when I replace my
    24/24 Hat packs and get ? one or two 96 boxes (8147)
    try to do the whole Waterloo thing (Halle project)

    meaning Nassau Waterloo thing??

    cheers Karcuss

  4. Wonderful work, Peter! I agree their uniforms are a nice colour :D

  5. Really good painting; I really can't even see all that on the life-size figure, with the magnifying glass. In real life these are one inch tall, not as big as the pictures.

    For Brummie, the Nassau troops add up to 7637 officers and men, so if the whole army at Waterloo was 74,326 as Bowden figures then these Nassau troops are over ten percent of the whole army, and not just 10 percent of the infantry as Adkins says.

    There are 8 large battalions and a Freiwilliger Jaeger company. three above 950, five above 850, one at 22 plus 666, and the FWJ Co at 5 plus 172. With the NRC staff, it is 7637 officers and men.

    Of these the Grenadiers as shown are in 1 company of 150-odd per battalion.

    There are at least one thousand different sets of rules for how to translate the facts into your units, it all depends on the rules and scales. Some people do not put them in units, but in displays.

  6. Thanks Ray, Brummie, Rosbif, Karcuss, Paul, Guynemer and Mekelnborg for the nice comments!

    @Brummie: For the original GB I have to paint 16 figures of set 8147 (one of each pose) but I added those 4 poses of that other set. So I have still 6 figures to paint.

    @Karcuss: don't understand your question about the Nassau Waterloo thing??? And no I don't have them Matt sealed. I had some bad experience with that in the past.

    @Mekelnborg: thanks for the historical information.


  7. Thanks Alvaro!



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