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maandag 11 juni 2012

Valdemar Set 124 Pilgrims Part 1

I call it Part 1 because it's just one figure and horse from the complete set, as can be seen here. I had the luck that I could buy this set in resin, wich I like more as metal figures. It painted up very well and I really like the look of this figure.

I had a discussion with my wife about this figure. Is it a knight playing the mandoline, or is it just a troubadour? He has chainmail so I go for the knight. Oh yes, the discussion started when I was making my little dio for the FIGZ 2012 painting competition.

Enough talking, pictures now!

I hope you like him!

PS: I have to catch up a lot on all your blogs. I will give them a visit as soon as possible. I'm painting to much :-D

Also welcome to the new followers:
- Derek Robertson from Lead and Paint
- Kukuruza from Kukuruza's Corner

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12 opmerkingen:

  1. What a delightful miniature and beautifully painted. Given the huge sword I would have to say knight also.

  2. OR it could be a troubadour knight like Valter von den Vogelweide? meheheh. Nice colors on the fig and the horse is great too!

  3. Damm!! I´m missing this one from my collection.....
    Troubadours were also knights..some even being lords, the Duke of Aquitaine for example ;-D He´s a knight who is a troubadour :-D
    Nice painting..and I know what you mean about not being able to visit all the blogs at the moment....especially having to paint 17th lancers!!!!! All those white stripes!!!

  4. Excellent painting, Peter. Ditto Paul...he is a troubadour-guitar-playing- Knight.

  5. Hi there, my blog is For some reason Google changed the way you follow a blog, and it lead to things being missed out when you join.

  6. Nice start on a Great set!
    it's one of my favourite figures from VALDEMAR: it's also the first set I've painted and I'm sure that you will do a perfect work on it...

  7. Peter, I was lucky to see this masterpiece in real on FIGZ and must say I was impressed!
    The Valdemar figure is awesome, but the vignette turned out perfect.
    So my compliments on this one, well done!

  8. A great looking figure Peter, very unusual!

  9. very nice work peter. I am affraid I cannot help you in your debate

  10. Nice work mate, the green is a bit bright though but there is no accounting for medieval taste!!!

  11. Definitely a knight with all that chainmail or a troubadour who is terrible and needs the protection from music lovers! Lovely work....

  12. Lovely painting Peter. I would go for Knight too.


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