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vrijdag 16 november 2012

Wolsung Lord James Fouley Finished

I managed to get him finished on time. And while I'm writing these words he's on his way to a new home. As I said in the beginning of this project, it wasn't easy for me to paint him. And the most problems I had was with the bird on his arm. Finally I painted that one with about eight colours I think.

Well I hope you all like the final result!

Belts an other things painted with
GW Shining Gold

White parts painted with Revell White

The bird painted with:
GW Blazing Orange
Vallejo Red Wash
GW Sunburst Yellow
GW Fiery Orange
GW Blood Red
GW Enchanted Blue
GW Ice Blue
GW Camo Green

The final result!

I hope you like him!

Welcome to my blog!!!!!

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Un trés beau travail , bien peint et très détaillé j'aime l'oiseau sur l'épaule
    Amicalement ;)

  2. Hola Amigo
    BONITO SI SEÑOR MUY BONITO,me gusta el colorido de la figura,y el pajaro.
    Atento te sigo

  3. Excellent. Try a pic with a black "infinate" background

  4. vuuuuuuuuuuu excellenttttt...very nice color

  5. He looks wonderful Peter, I just love him. That bird was worth the effort I think. And for such a good cause-on behalf of the women of the world I say Thank You!

  6. Mijn hoedje af beste Peter dit is echt schitterend schilderwerk...

  7. Very nice, well thought out paint scheme.

  8. What a great job, love the colour palette used.

  9. Nice work; a unique style of painting and a great fig, that's success together.

  10. I love it!
    those colours are so rare in the figures painting!
    The bird is perfect.
    The small details are very well painted and give him a great style!

    .... blablabla.....

  11. also agree with sam! that pink is very uh pink. not a colour I would like to dress in.

  12. Unpainted figure looks like a scary one, but pink dress and colorful bird makes him funny and interesting. I like it.

  13. Thank you all for the kind words!
    The pink colour was the most important rule for this charity!

    @Paul: not possible mate, he's on his way to another country! ;-)
    @Anne: nothing to thank! It was fun painting such a figure!