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maandag 30 september 2013

Nikolai Muezzin and scholars

Again some nice sculpted figures from Erik Trauner. This time the muezzin and scholars! I've painted one earlier for my Somewhere in Arabia diorama.

The figures can be found by Germania Figuren. And Michael launched some good news. The female figures of this range will be availeble next month. You can see and read about them here. They look beautifull!

Now some pictures!

This one is used in the Somewhere in Arabia diorama.
I hope you like them!

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16 opmerkingen:

  1. Those are nice miniatures. You've done very well with these.

  2. Nice painting Peter, they are rather nice looking figures!

  3. These are some nice looking figures and you did a great job with those faces!

    I looked at the collection of women to be coming out. So much charm and character in those. I do hope to see you paint those up in future.

  4. wowww !! excellent painting work Peter ! I'm really impressed: they are perfect!

    Can I say : "you're coming better and better" ?
    (oh and I remember the dio, but I've missed the post ! It's a splendid work with a story, exactly what I like !)

  5. Peter, you've done a super nice paint job on these figures! Pat yourself on the back, Sir.

  6. They look great. I´m going to have to get me some.

  7. nice work Peter, your colors are unmistakable

  8. excellent work Peter, they are really well done. the detail is increadible

  9. Thank you all for the kind words!