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maandag 3 maart 2014

Can you see it?

Sorry for my absence the last month, but like every normal person, I was catch by the flu. And to make the disaster complete during a holliday I took to keep a long ago given promise to my wife. I promised her to help with putting new wallpaper on the walls and paint the dining and living room. I can tell you I had a hard time, because I wanted it to be finished. The wallpaper is where it belongs, thanks to help of my mother, but the paint is still in the can! Now I will have to do this in the evenings and the weekends. This and two birthdays, from my youngest son and the missus, didn't leave me much time for blogging. I hope I can catch up with all your posts in the next few weeks.

Now back to the post title. I hear you ask: "What should we have to see?". Well as I told some time ago I received some 6mm figures from Ian who is running The Blog With No Name. He sended them to me as an extra with the Salute 2011 Figure. Thanks again Ian! Now I finally painted (?) one of these little fellows.

This little figure is Marshall of the Empire Louis-Nicolas Davout. I can tell you it wasn't an easy job to get the colours on him and his horse. My eyes don't like it to paint such small figure whole evening. So I did it in several steps and took my time. Now I still have to do six more. This year I hope??

Here are some more pictures:

Just finished!

It had glasses!!!!

I hope I didn't do a to bad job on him. But that will tell me the 6mm specialists I hope.

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  1. Nice work! I'm starting to paint 6mm this month.

  2. I think you did excellent considering it's your first go and very good if not so you have good reason to be proud.

    I would recommend giving him a wash in brown ink, windsor and newton nut brown drawing Ink being the best.

    That adds shade to the figure but don't go over the white bits


    1. Thanks Ian! The horse is done with a wash, but I didn't dare to do that with the figure itself. I thought I would ruin it! But I keep it in mind for the next one!


  3. Nice work Peter , impressive is very little !.
    Greetings .

  4. Stunning work and sorry to hear that you've not been feeling very well.

  5. Amazing work Peter, amazing work!

  6. Great great job Peter. Ive been doing a lot of 10mm stuff lately...i know how hard it is to get those tiny details! You did awesome on them though!

    Oh yeah - sorry about the much bigger house painting! That's always a tough job. My wife thinks painting the house and a painting a little man is the same job!

  7. Great work Peter!!! Decorating is such fun, isn't it?!?!?!

  8. Great painting on such a very small figure. I can barely manage in 15mm so hats off!

  9. What an incredible wallpaper !!
    I see that you have used the paint for the rooms in another way ... hum... that's not correct !!
    If you spend 6 months for 6x 6mm figures, how many time do you need to paint the walls of the rooms ?? And please tell me the age of the Marechal Davout !
    you have 3 hours... go!

  10. That's awesome for a 6mm fig! Well done Peter!

  11. Very nicely done, sir. I honestly couldn't see to paint a figure that small. Congratulations!

  12. Seriously?! Amazing work on this excessively diminutive figure!

  13. Always amazed with the (good) painting some people achieve with such small figures! WOW!

  14. Hola
    Que cucada de mini,es súper enana mola
    un saludo

  15. such a tinny figure it is! Hope you're finished with the work around the house, Peter, and that now you have some time for rest :)