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maandag 12 februari 2018

Peter Pig Pirates Set 2 Armed Pirates, Cutlasses

Finally found some time to paint some more of these excellent small figures. Even when they are small I try to paint them as good as possible. And what is fun with these figures, is that you can play with colors as much as you want. No specific uniform colors need to be painted.  Please keep in mind that I still need some practice with my new camera. Still have problems with the lightning and focus on the figures.

I hope you like them. When the weather gets better I try to make some better pictures, together with the ones I'm painting now from Set 3.

Welcome to my blog!!!!!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice theme and figures, a bit to small for me (even if this is 3 months work)
    lets get set 3 online now, come on paint my friend!!!

  2. They look very nice Peter, well done!

  3. Great job! I do like PPig figures.

  4. I like em. Would they be usefull as Hobbits me wonders??

  5. I take it that they are aboard ship,as they have no shoes. Perhaps they are indeed small hobbits?
    Splendid little pirates.BB

  6. Nice little pirates !! Welcome back Peter!!
    Try to find the "macro" operation in your camera,
    is for very very detailed close ups!!

  7. Great work Peter. Great to have you back blogging too!