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donderdag 27 december 2018

Santa's Gold Mine!

Just a small post today, with a message:

Merry Christmas to all of you!

This little work I made in 2017 for one of the painting competitions on Bennos Figures Forum. As it was almost Christmas when this competition took place, I thought a seasons figures would do nice. Well it didn't but I didn't care because it was fun making this.

The figure and the lorry are from Wendy's Miniatures, and okay this wasn't a Santa Dwarf before I painted him that way. Still I think that he looks nice in his new costume. Most of the diorama is scratchbuilt, for example the rails are from a chewing gum box.

I hope you like him! See you all next year, hopefully with a few more posts! So I wish you all:

A Happy New Year!

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Fantastic work, I really like it a lot!
    Merry X-mas (but it's already over) and a great 2019 with lots of more of this nice work my friend!

  2. Excellent Vignette-Diorama! From the figure
    to the flowers, all is perfect!
    Merry Christmas my friend! May 2019 be a happy
    and creative year to everyone!!

  3. Excellent mini!! But where is the snow (and the trolls on it) ??

  4. A creative, unusual and splendid job...Have a fantastic end of year!

  5. Fantastic work Peter ! Great Diorama !
    Have a fantastic end of year !

  6. Great stuff Peter. Odd Thing is how your Santa just appeared on my blog roll and not yesterday...Magic..or the time Zone difference between reality and the model world ? :-)

  7. Funny idea and great implementation, Peter!

  8. klasse gemacht gefällt mir sehr gut


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