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zondag 13 november 2011


As every year, since 2009, I visited the wargaming convention CRISIS in Antwerp Belgium. It was a great day and it was fun meeting some friends again. Minor point, it was very hot in that place.

So with some delay because of some technical problems and family matters, I show you my pictures!

Enjoy them!

Two friends of  Benno's Figures Forum.
Cole from the USA and Remco from the Netherlands.

I hope you like them!

Also welcome to the new followers:
- Rodger from Rebel Barracks
- Michael Awdry from 28mm Victorian Warfare
- Sam's Blog from Sam's Mini's World
- Sidney Roundwood from Roundwood's World

Welcome to my blog!!!!!

In my previous post I said welcome to Scotty, and now I found his blogs! Here they are:

And Matt started a new blog called Matt's Little Soldiers

Welcome again!!!!!

And a big thank you to you all for more as 100 followers!!!!!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Some great photos Peter, I like the look of the FIW game, very cool canoe's!!

  2. Nice pictures Peter..Certainly was a nice show

  3. Great post. Not somewhere i'm likely to visit and nice to get a taste from your photos thank you

  4. Thanks, Peter, for the photo tour of the convention. Though I play on small battlefields [2'x2' or 3'x2'], I enjoyed seeing the many "large" battlefields presented and the armies fielded.

  5. Looks like a fabulous event with some wonderful looking games. Great photos Peter.

  6. Great pictures especially that modern game and the FIW, really nice to see these.

  7. Nice pictures indeed, the first is my favorite ;-)
    It was a fun day, next year I will be there again!

  8. Thanks for the report. Ever since they stopped doing the painting competition there I've lost interest in the event, although it's only a 15 minute drive for me. I also get the impression the event is more historical oriented than sf & fantasy. In the past this was almost 50/50.

    -Gerrie aka Corvus

  9. It was a pleasure to share these pictures with you. Next year I'l be going back ;-)

    Thanks for the comments!


  10. That small battlefield toward the end also caught my eye. Most dramatic must be the burning Albatross, then the amputee at the field hospital; it's hard to single out anything in such a feast of good work by all.


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