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vrijdag 9 december 2011

Diligence driver

Again a non violence figure. In fact it's the time of the year for this kind of figures with Christmas coming near.

This is a metal figure of "Own Factory". Sorry but I can't give a link to this manufacturer, because I doubt if they still exist. If someone has information about them, just let me know. Then I still can up the link.

It was also my contribution in the 18th Painting Competition on Benno's Figures Forum.

The figure is painted with acrylic paints. the base is made of styrofoam, wich I tried to look like a street with paving-stones. It didn't come out well. I also didn't want to paint it in the usual grey colors these men normally wear. That's why I used this greyish blue.

Enjoy the pictures!

Hope you like them!

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15 opmerkingen:

  1. That reminds me...I still haven´t painted my set of these!!!!!
    He´s great mate.....and even better...a civilian subject...:-D

  2. A non-violence figure? Do they really exist? I bet he could do a little damage with that whip!! Great painting Peter!!

  3. A non violence figure!!! go on Peter: I'm with you!
    Very good work!

  4. A non violent figure is the best!
    This one is special and can be used in more scenes!
    You doe well my friend, remembers me of scrooge.... Have to uplode him on my blog....

    Good one Peter, like him a lot!

  5. Nice miniature. Great paintjob to could be a very characterful addition to some Victorian type games

  6. nice one Peter you are getting better and better.
    Just replyed in my blog to your comment. Please check it

  7. A nice change for war and killing.Cracking job!

    Cheers Rich.

  8. Thanks for the kind words mates!

    @Ray: the whip is only for the horses! Only the horses :-D He is not allowed to take his work material at home. Not! ;-) :-D


  9. Thanks Mike!

    The blue is GW Shadow Grey and GW Asurmen Blue Wash.



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