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woensdag 14 december 2011

Hat French Light Ambulance

This is something I've painted ages ago (in fact a couple of years, but those ages sounds better :-D) It was fun assembling this set. I've painted it with acrylic Revell and Games workshop paints. The wood is something painted by myself, because not visible on the mold.

The rider is painted in the colors of a "Stretcher bearer", witch I found in the book "1815 The armies at Waterloo" from Ugo Pericoli.

A review of the set can be found here

PS: and I keep it peacefull again :-D

And now some pictures.

As you can see here, not my best work!
Hope you like them!

And also welcome to a new follower:
- Niels Christian Kragh (found no blog)
- Atreides from Marechal a 1/72

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16 opmerkingen:

  1. You might not think its your best work Peter, but its a damn fine model!!! Great work!!!

  2. I think it's a great piece of work, Peter!

    I need to get some logistical pieces for my collection, so along with Italeri's transport kit, I might have to get myself the ambulance and the other HaT orfferings, too.

  3. Nice job, Peter. I can hear the "clip clop" of the horses, and the creaking of the wagon wheels clear over here in Calif!

  4. That's rather nice. Mind you, I dont fancy being the casualty being rattled around in the back!

  5. Interesting subject Peter nicely finished.

  6. Nicely done. I can Second Tim's comment I wouldn't want to be the poor guy in the back

  7. Very nice work, Peter!!!!!!
    The wood is perfectly done! Congrats!

  8. Nice one! The planks look good!

  9. Very nice! Can't be that long ago. My memory says it's a pretty new set. But my memory is an old man's memory.

  10. I have to do one of this. Then we compare!! :-D

  11. A very good job. I have the same book and the uniform is a match.

  12. Thanks for the very nice comments guys!



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