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maandag 27 februari 2012

Movie Vignette "The Longest Day"

In my previous post I did a little conversion. Now I did a bigger one. And this for the first time in my life. Untill now I did some headswaps, or just cut a figure in the middle. Now I've been cutting some more figures to get a result.

But what is it all about. Last december I inscribed on a competition with as subjects movie and World War II. Rules and deadlines can be read on the blog of GEM. One problem though, the competition is on facebook. So now I've made myself an account there. Never thought I would do that, but never say never.

Next problem was, what would I make? First I was thinking to make something from the movie "The Desert Rats", because I have every thinkeble set of them in scale 1/72. But working it out should take me a lot of time, and because I wasn't sure I would reach the deadline of 29 february 2012, I dropped that idea. Then my wife came with a good idea. It's a scene, when you have seen "The Longest Day", you will recognize. She recommended me the scene with that dead German, waring his boots wrong. Next step was finding a good picture of the scene. Well making a long story short: nothing to find on the www. Only one solution was left. Watching the movie and making a copy of that scene. Not easy, but I managed, as you can see here:

Now I had this picture the search could start for a volonteer playing this dead person. Not easy again, so here starts the conversion. The next picture shows what I used.

The figures on the left and the helmet are from the Revell German Artillery set, the one on the left is from the Airfix WWI German Infantry set. The wall is from Italeri. To be complete I used one other figure of the Airfix set, cause I missed the stretched arm.

Now it's time to start making the vignette. How can I better show it by some pictures?

Here we go!

Figure glued together. Forgot the helmet here.
Keep it in mind!

Basing done. Used woodfiller with some brown paint.
Figure and wall on their place.

Wall painted with Revell Tar Black and drybrushed with Shadow Grey,
Codex Grey and Fortress Grey from Games Workshop.
Finished it with a Devlan Mud wash from GW.

Figure undercoated with white. Flesh colours are GW Elf Flesh
with an Ogryn Flesh wash.

Uniform colour is Valejo German Uniform, Revell Tar Black
and GW Burnished Gold for the buttons.
Finished him with a Gryphonne Sepia Wash from GW.

Vegetation added.

I miss something! What? I told you.
The helmet!

Here's the finished vignette with the helmet!
Two more pictures to get in the mood of the movie.

Look at the boots.

Hope you like it.

And for your information the competition will be on the MODELSETP - MODELISMO facebook page from 01 March 2012.

Currently painting: Zvezda Vikings (6/11) and some other things.

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21 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh well done Peter, this is great. Such a poignant scene in the film. great choice.

  2. Excellent conversion! Your surgical skills are great!

  3. wahou!!!!!!!! great, Peter!!
    both conversions and background are perfect!
    You improve a lot!

  4. Increadible. wonderful and orginal (sort of).

    I really like this nice photos also at the end there

  5. This is just great, well done. It's a good movie and one of those scenes that stick with you.

  6. An excellent job Peter!!!!! Top conversion work!!!

  7. Fecking amazing work, I remember the scene well...

  8. Zeer mooi werk peter ik herinner me de scene nog volledig...

  9. Lucky to have a wife who watches the war movies too, and for the good idea.

    1. Actually she's not a great fan of this kind of movies, but "The Longest Day" is a classic. And she likes this movie, also because it's historical. Another strong point of this one is that a German speaks his language, a French speaks French and so on.


  10. Thank you all for the great responce on this one. I hope it will be the same on facebook.


  11. Great work specially the detai with the boots! I remember very well this scene in the film.

  12. Excellent work. Lovely looking vignette

  13. Nice one !!! I´ll drop in tomorrow and cast my eye and my vote :-D

  14. That's a good conversion, the vignette looks great

  15. Hi, Peter

    Your work is very good, a pleasure to watch them :)

    My blog:


  16. Brilliant idea, Peter! Looks very realistic :-)


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