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maandag 8 juli 2013

BUM Hurons

This set of figures was a gift from my good friens Pascal! You can see his work on Sam's Minis World! Seeing these figures on his blog I asked him if the figures were good. The result is that he sended one of each to me.

After all those Austrian figures I was happy that I could paint something else!

And here's the result!

There was a lot of flash on these figures, but when I look at them from a distance I'm happy with them. I hope you like them to.

Thanks Pascal!

Some big news. Big Lee is doing a give away on his blog! And there are some really nice things amongst them! Check it here!

Welcome on my blog!!!!!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. excellent painting and very nice looking figures

  2. Very good painting job Peter !
    I didn't think that it was possible to paint them !
    I'm happy to see you in an "Indians exercise" !
    Your choice of colours is perfect too, different than mine for this kind of figures but some colours are welcome !

    It seems that the awful mold lines are difficult to remove !

    (OOP: your last comment about the Crows don't appear on my blog ... maybe Blogger don't accept the url address of your blog? Can you try a short comment without the address ? It will be a test!)

  3. The skin colors are great! Nice job, Sir.

  4. Great work Peter nice models .

  5. Nice painting but they do seem to have an enourmous amount of Flash!!!

  6. Very good indeed. Is the flash consistent on other BUM figures?

    1. They are the worth !
      no flash in other figures from the sets: this sprue is casted in a completely different plastic... BUM is strange !

      (You can see other one on my blog: label: BUM)

  7. Thanks for the link-back on my competition. Best of luck!

  8. Excellent looking Huron figures Peter, great work!

  9. Your paint job is great. The flash and sculpting on these still doesn't do it for me. But it is nice to see that you can make them look good.

  10. I can't even imagine painting such small figures, Peter! Good job

  11. Thanks for the nice comments!