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zondag 28 juli 2013

Oh what a (k)night!

After all those Napoleonic figures in the last posts it's about time to show something different. This knight is from the Zvezda set English Knights of the 100 Years War (8044). A very nice set again from this manufacturer. Lovely sculpted with very nice details. Painted with acrylics from Revell and Games Workshop.

Now a little word about the title. Again this was something I've painted for a duel on Benno's Figures Forum. It was the meaning that this duel would start around Christmas night but for some reason it started much later. That's why I choosed for that title. The result of the duel can be seen here.

I hope you like him!

And also welcome to the new followers:
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Welcome to my blog!!!!!

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  1. Thank you for that welcome you pages.

    A nice look back at the old times, such as the old Airfix (see through) plastic bag models. 1958-1962

    First, the plastic bag one series, then the series two and three cardboard boxes.
    Do you remember before the Aurora was Airfix kit.
    Series Aurora series was produced in the United States.

    U.S. jet fighters and two and three levels fighters,
    Funny scale
    These Aurora series had very few parts.

    And was to one Japanese series of very shallow cardboard box.

    1. Thanks Maximex! Yes I remember those sets in plastic bags!


  2. Wonderful knight - very well armed and armored. Best, Dean

  3. I like your knight very much!
    ...but that Russian Noble is quite good! (or maybe is just me - I am a great admirer of that set!)

  4. Looks good....I can´t get onto Bennos at the Moment, since I posted last...I can Register. I says hello then as soon as I look at anything it logs me out.

  5. looking good Peter! very different from those nappies.

  6. Encantador!!! Me fascinan los caballeros medievales.

  7. Beautiful painted knight and steed and pictures!

  8. Nice work Peter, I like the colours you chose subtle but very work well with the model.

  9. what a brilliant knight, Peter, I love it!


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