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vrijdag 20 november 2020

Caesar F109 Orc Warriors #01

Next two figures of this set. This time I used for the big chief of this set a different skin tone. It's Kislev Flesh from Games Workshop, with a sepia wash. I really like the final result, but I hink that I will do something on the eyes. Maybe not red like I did for the green skin painted figures of this set. Must have a look at that later.

Here are the pictures. I hope you like them.

I also add the first four I've painted from this set. I had a message that it wasn't possible to post comments but that is fixed now. I had some troubles with some spammers so I blocked everything. And now it seems to be working well. Previous post was: Orctober

Manufacturer: Caesar

Number: F109


Contains: 35 figures

Painted: 6

To do: 29

Stay safe!



8 opmerkingen:

  1. Great painting on these little creatures!
    Your detail is excellent!
    Keep up the Brushes!!

  2. Nice work on those. I like the first set a little bit more, but the minis in the second set look more frightning.

  3. Great work Peter ! Love your pale Ork !
    Looking forward to your next project !
    Thank you very much for the link to those Dwarfs ! They look awesome !