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zondag 3 april 2011

Matchbox Desert Rats

It was on a flee market, I found two figures which looked familiar to me. First I thought it were some Hong Kong copies, but they didn’t felt like that. The weight of the figures was to high to be copies, so I decided to buy them. And for 0.25 eurocent I couldn’t be fooled.
At home I decided to do some research on them, and I stumbled on this website:

First box art

On the bottom of this page I found the information I was looking for. No copies, but original figures. Hurray!

Next step was off course to paint them (I really couldn’t resist). I tried to use the colour schema of the box.

I hope I managed to do so. But decide for yourself. Here are the pictures:

Hope you like them!

Again some new friends arrived:

Kingsley Park (Kingsleypark wargames), Mekelnborg (Tabakskollegiummekelnborg) and Bart (Feuerbarts-tabletop).

Welcome to my blog!!!!!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice painting Peter,
    Have painted a good few of these guys over the years. Used to have them fighting my Airfix PzIV's and Matchbox Afrika Corp if I remember right?

  2. Blimey!!! I remember these......1979 Nuxley toys in Gravesend, £1.05 a box, I bought these and the Africa Korps

  3. Nice work mate. A seldom found set indeed...with the orig box....rare.

  4. And for a euroquarter, a very lucky find.

    I went out and found a book, Charles Grant's The War Game, for 4 dollar 98, last weekend, in nearly perfect condition.

    These things are not appreciated by the ones selling them, so they don't know what they could be worth to the right people.

  5. Very well painted figs!

    But now you will have to try looking for their opposition!

  6. Sorry, but I think there's a bit of a missunderstanding here. I only found two figures and painted them. Sorry Paul not a whole box (that would have been a deal!).
    @mekelnborg: you're right about that. And you have to keep your face serious when you ask for the price. Now I've bought them for 0.25 € each and had a good deal.
    @all: thanks for the nice words and I will have a look for their opponents :-D

  7. What a wonderful paintjob! I`m impressed.