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woensdag 4 januari 2012

Hat 8197 1808-1815 Prussian Hussars (Test Shots)

A new year, so it's about time I posted something new here. And it's really new. These figures aren't released yet. Pictures of the unpainted figures, line drawings and roughs can be seen here.

I have these figures from a swap with Sascha (Zed1) from Zed's Nappies! Thanks mate!

A little review: The figures are made of a kind of soft plastic. There are four figure poses and two horse poses. One of the figures comes with a removeble arm. You can put an arm on him with trumpet, sword or gun. I have chosen for the arm with trumpet. It went very easy on the figure, and needed just a little bit of glue to stay on his place. Details on the figures are not that sharp, but I blame that on being test figures. The horses are a little bit to small, but that's my personal opinion. Also some details, like the belts, on them could have been a little bit sharper.

Note: the test shots are run on a small testing machine, so it won’t have the full pressure. Therefore, some of the details may come out soft. Information sended by Hat, thank you for that.

The painting: After cleaning them I gave them a white undercoat. Then I started to remove flash (not so much) and mould lines. After that a second coat of white. Next I did the flesh parts with Games Workshop (GW) 23 Elf Flesh and GW Ogryn Flesh Wash. Now we come on the tricky part, the black uniform. I don't use black paint for that but Revell (R) 78 Tank Grey. The cords on the dolman are drybrushed with GW 55 Mithril Silver. Collar, cuffs and trousers are done with R 75 Stone Grey. All over this goes a GW Dabab Black Wash. That's how I get my black uniforms. Other colors used : R85 Brown, GW57 Boltgun Metal, GW62 Burnished Gold, GW56 Chainmail, R77 Dust Grey, R06 Tar Black, GW06 Blood Red and GW Gryphonne Sepia Wash.

Here are the pictures:

Here you can see, two horse poses. Two to the left and two to the right!

And here you see them the other way around!

Hope you like them!

Currently painting: Imex AWI figures.

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13 opmerkingen:

  1. That is a very good paint job on them. I agree the horses look a little small but it is good to see some later Prussian cavalry!

  2. Lovely mate. The horses, even though they are´ve done a fine bit of painting on them

  3. Very nice work on those, nice to get stuff earlier than others........

  4. Very good work Peter!!
    But, and it's not your fault: only 4 poses and 2 horses poses!!!!!!!! it's a pity!
    Like in other HAT sets, the horses are not good, in my opinion... honesty, I prefer a STRELETS horse!
    Fortunately, your painting work saved a lot them!

  5. Very nice painting; they look great. Dean

  6. Very good job on this group. I really like the effect of the gray washed with black

  7. Thanks for the nice comments!


  8. Nice painting.
    It is nice to see a set of Hussars using the Pelisse as a jacket - not just with it fluttering during a mad gallop.
    I also like th alternate sword/bugle/carbine arm.
    It's some compensation for only 4 poses.

    Small horses - because the "horse thief" lost all the large ones on his Moscow road trip. My interest is 1813 - "wars of liberation" for these lads.

    Raise high the black flags!!


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