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maandag 31 oktober 2011

Halloween! Some Orcs.......

to get in the mood! This is the first time I've painted some fantasy figures. And I must say, it was fun to do! Maybe it's also because I'm a big fan of "The Lord Of the Rings". I love that story. I've been reading the books several times, and the movies, well let's say that I can't get enough of them!

The whole bunch of them!

Because it was the first time I painted this kind of figures, I didn't really knew wich colors to use. I guessed that they were a bit green, with some dirt over them. So I used GW Dark Angels Green as basecolor with a GW Devlan Mud wash over it. I'm satisfied with the result, hope you guys to? For the theeth I used GW Rotting Flesh (thought that was suiteble for this guys :-D). For the clothing I used dark colors, armory and weapons, GW Chainmail and GW Mithril Silver.

The figures are from Caesar. They have a very nice range of fantasy figures. You can see them all here.

Original figures:

Comment on PSR:
Why are orcs always portrayed as the bad guys?

Comment on PSR:
Aren't they just another misunderstood minority that need a hug?

Painted ones:

I decided to paint nothing on the banner yet,
because I'm not sure what I could put on it.

This one I gave a full chainmail cloth,
but the next will be bearskin or something similar.

I hear you Paul! No bowstring!
Well I couldn't! I should have to removed his head!

This one has a problem! I'm curious if you can find out
what his problem is!
I tell it later!
I couldn't add a bowstring again because of the head!

And some more group pictures:

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Happy Halloween!!!!!

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Very unique Orc figures. They've got a nice green to them, as it is a bit different from the usual goblin green you see on so many.

    Bowstrings would look better, but in my opinion, they are rarely worth the effort.

    As for the problem Orc, is the problem that his arrow is lined up on the wrong side of the bow? Seems like he'll have a difficult shot.

  2. Great figures, I really need to purchase this set. Are the different color figures in the same set or from another?

  3. !!!! No bowstrings!!! :-D
    The look very good mate

  4. I am in the mood for halloween,so:
    well done pumkinhead ;-)

  5. Nice one mate, the green looks good to me but I am no expert!!!The dwarfs next then?

    Cheers Rich.

  6. Well done Peter!
    oh! and not a bloody hobbit's head on the banner, please!

  7. Thanks guys!

    @Adam: you've got it right about the bow and arrow. It will be a difficult shot :-D I keep the GW Goblin green for the Goblins ;-)

    @Sean: yes they are in the same set. I think they are the command figures.

    @Paul: no bowstrings! It wasn't possible with the possitions of the heads :-(

    @Remco: pumpkinhead? Me? My revenge will be sweet :-D

    @Ray: beasties? That's good :-D

    @Rich: I don't have the dwarfs yet! But they are on my wish list. Maybe I buy them saterday on CRISIS in Antwerp ;-)

    @Pascal: Now that is just what I had in mind! A Hobbit head on the banner :-D Just joking ;-)


  8. They turned out really well, not bad figures at all.

  9. Some very nicely painted figures Peter, really well done

  10. Thanks Fran and Al!


  11. I like 'em. And the last time an Orc hugged me I was in a cast for months!

  12. Thanks Jay! Next time: run away!