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dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Valdemar Medieval Highwaymen

Today my friends I present to you one of the most perfect sets in scale 1/72. This set of figures got the maximum ratings at PSR and I agree with them. Only one complain I have to make. This is a set of five figures, and two of them have no weapon. Luckely I have some kind of sparebox, and I found some weapons of the Revell Normans set.

The figures are just painted, not based. I still have not made a decision who they will rob.

Enjoy the pictures!

Hope you like them!

And if you have some funny names for this guys, just let them know. Maybe I can use them for a story ;-)

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zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

Italeri Allied General Staff

This is the first figure of a set of 8 figures and 4 horses. I'll be painting and posting them one by one, so yo could call this part 1. It are 1/32 figures, just because I want to paint something else to as 1/72 figures. If I should have other sizes of figures I would paint them to.

As you can see on the pictures I decided not to paint the eyes. I find that a bit to tricky for me. And I don't like white eyes with a black dot in it. That doesn't look real.

Painted with acrylic paints.

Enjoy the pictures.

Hope you like him!

As second part of this post I would like to introduce someone of my family staff. It's our cat called Myra, a three year old lady, and she made me laugh this week. Well see for yourself what she was up to.

Well here she is. She looks a bit angry, but normally she's very nice.
But what she up to?

Oh, just checking if someone is at home!

And she likes playing with toy soldiers, if I forget to put them on a save place :-)

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woensdag 24 augustus 2011

Monty Python - French Castle

From this post I changed the title because I didn't have a good feeling with it. I have the strong feeling that I offend people with it. And that was never my intention. I just wanted to make a fun vignette. 
This set is a creation of my good friend Leo from Italy, who was so kind by sending me one of these. You can find more information about him on his website Phersu Miniatures. He makes very unusal, but nice figures. And this one is a creation based on the movie "Monty Python And The Holy Grail".

It's about a scene that comes twice in the movie, when King Arthur arrives at a castle, and the French are in it. Each time this French soldier says the famous words mentioned in the next picture.

It's time now to show you the pictures of this little scene. Oh and before you ask it Ray, I was smoking again (background)!

Enjoy them!

Hope you like the pictures and the creation of Leo.
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vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Zvezda Indian Elephant Part 3

I finally managed tp base this "Dumbo" and his crew. I used a photo frame to base it, filled with woodfiller, sand and little rocks. On top I finished it with Games Workshop moddeling sand.

What me really gave trouble was the crew inside the tower. There was only one possible way to get them in it, as shown on the pictures.

I also used two different backgrounds, because I didn't knew wich one was best.

Enjoy the pictures!

Hope you like it!

woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Hat Young Guard

These are some older figures I've painted. The Hat Young Guard figures painted up very well. Of each pose is at least one painted. I hope to do a Plancenoit diorama in the future, where this Young Guard fought against the Prussians.

Enjoy the pictures!


NCO and drummer voltigeurs




Officer and tirailleurs

Officer and tirailleurs

Hope you like them!

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zondag 14 augustus 2011

Revell Fokker DR I

Sunday afternoon. While I'm watching a cycling race, I thought myself why don't you put something together. So I digged up this little kit and did it. I made a step by step, so you all can follow how it was build. I warn you it's not an easy kit, and as the box said "ages 6 & up", I'm pleased I could build it in 20 minutes, included taking pictures (yes I'm blond).

Historical background of this aircraft can be found here (Wiki page)

Now let's start:

The box.

What's in it.

Tools needed.

Instructions on the back of the box.
Look in the right corner, 6 years!
I did in 20 minutes!

Parts step 1.

Parts step 1 put together.

Parts step 2.

Parts step 2 put together.

Parts step 3.

Parts step 3 put together.

Parts step 4.

Parts step 4 put together.
And finished!

Nice and easy. This is just a fun kit wich I like a lot. And it only cost 2.5 Euro.

Hope you like it to!