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dinsdag 31 mei 2016

Airfix Set 01719 Arabs (Bedouins)

Just a quick post at the end of the month. Finished these figures this week and I thought why not posting them directly. This set is from the year I was born, so very old! And what me most surprised is that the sculpting of this figures isn't that bad. Not to much moldlines and flash, so for me that is excellent as I hate it to remove those. A complete review of this set and the year (!) they are produced can be found here!
The set contains ten different figure poses, two horse poses and two camel poses. I painted all ten different figures and all the horses and camels from the set. As I'm planning that these will join my Arabian/Muslim army I kept the same color scheme as for the other figures. White and red as the main colors. For a more colored version of these figures, have a look at the blog of my good friend Paul, Paul's Bods. He even painted Omar Shariff!
First a picture of the whole bunch. As can be seen four standing/lying figures, three horse riders and three camel riders.
Here some closer pictures of the standing and lying figures. The one fyering in lying position isn't that good. I couldn't remove the plastic on his head because I would have ruined the figure.

Next are the riders. They make a nice command group together. I also can tell that is was a hard job to get those horses on the bases. It didn't fit nicely, so I had to fix it with some super glue!
Three horse riders is a bit less, so I hope that Strelets will soon release their Lawrence of Arabia set. The box art and the masters of this set can be seen here!


And here are the camel riders. Again some nice figures to represent a command group. I had a little accident with the camel on the right. By removing flash, I cut off the left leg. I tried to restore it as good as possible.

The next pictures are showing what is done from this army so far. First the camelry, then with the cavalry and next the whole bunch together with the infantry!

That was it for now. I hope you like them, and the next ones will be again from Esci! See you soon!
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woensdag 25 mei 2016

Italeri 6006 Russian Grenadiers Part 1

In my previous post I told you that I have to blame someone for painting this figures. But I mean it in a good way! In fact I had one of these on the painting desk for a very long time. Now she, yes it is a she, pushed me to paint him. As I need four figures for a stand I took three others out of the box and painted them.
Who is this she? Well it's Tamsin as the "Wargaming Girl" from the Rejects. It was in this post at her blog that she pushed me: here! Just have a look at the comments and you see what I mean. But I have to thank her, now the first ones are painted, I have the next four on the table. Thanks Tamsin!

I also have to thank her for something else. Some time ago she did a giveaway for her 4th blogiversary and 500K hits. I was so Lucky to win one of the prices of the drawing wich can be seen here! I won a very nice collection of 15 mm pirates. Now I have to find out what the best way is to paint 15 mm figures!
I borrowed this picture from Tamsin her blog!
Thank you very much for the figures Tamsin!
Well that's it for now. Now I'm going back to the painting table! There are some more figures asking for some paint!
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zondag 22 mei 2016

Arnhem Groupe Build Project Finished!

Not been very busy on blogger this week but I really wanted to get this project to an end. When I realised this week that there were only three weeks left for the event I pushed up the speed a little bit. Now I can say that it is finished and ready to be posted to the one who is making the whole diorama. I also wanted to finish something else but that is for later on this week.
Global picture off the finished vignette!

What did I do this week? First I did a little set-up to see how everything fits on the base. Then I drilled some holes in the base for placing the poles from the plates in with some wood glue. Next I added the mix of woodfiller with sand an brown paint over the whole base and I placed the checkpoint cabine. It had to dry for at least 24 hours so it would become very hard. Here is a picture off the result so far.

Next I painted the base completely with a dark brown from Revell. Then I drybrushed with GW Graveyard Earth, Revell Beige and GW Kommando Khaki. Then I placed some bushed made from Woodlands Scenic folliage, flowers from Greenline and Miniatuur and some grass from Games Workshop.

The tank was something tricky to place on the base. I had just enough place to get it on it. From the back off the tank to the front of the cannon is just 10 cm, the lenght of the base! At that moment I decide not to glue the turret so it can be moved a little bit to left or the right. Last step was adding the figures on the tank. They are all placed with wood glue so that it will invisible when it is dry.

Now it is time to reveal what is on the plates I placed. Maybe some of you remind that I wanted this tank to pass the border between Belgium (Lommel) and the Netherlands (Valkenswaard). Here you can see how I symbolised the border.

Flag of Belgium!

Flag of the Netherlands!

And because this is made for a very special event in Arnhem I added also a sign to let them know what direction they have to take.

Yes, that's the direction!

That's the story off this little piece of work. Here are some more pictures from other angles so that you get a good view off how it looks like. I hope you all like the final result.

So if you want to see this work and many others that members of Benno's Figures Forum have made for this project come to Arnhem on the 5th June. Here I give once more the information of this event.


Wargaming & miniatures event in the Netherlands

Sunday 5 June 2016, Arnhem (NL)

In the next days I will be active on blogger again. And later on this week I will post some figures I painted last week, and I have to blame someone for that. But as said that is for later on this week!

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zondag 15 mei 2016

Jean Höfler Figures 3 and 4

Today two new figures of this range. They are really a joy to paint. No tricky details, big surfaces to paint so I can finish them quick! A reveal when you look at the little plastic friends. And it's good for my eyes, so they can get a rest.
The first figure is the outcome of a trade with my good friend Paul, better known as Beano Boy, from BB's Blog. He missed some of the poses, and still, just like me, and I could help him with some. So we agreed to help eachother to fill up the gap a little bit.
When I got this one I started to paint him directly because I liked the pose of this one very much. Also the way I wanted to paint him, I got directly in my mind. Black was the main color. I started to paint him with a very dark grey  and then drybrushed him with black I like the outcome together with the lighter colors!

The second one is one I had in stock. It looked nice to give the previous one someone to watch his back! And he looks real mean! So don't look for trouble with his friend!

I also made a picture of the four finished figures so far. They look colorfull all together. I hope you like them?
For the rest I'm busy with some basing of figures and a certain tank. Also some other figures are on the painting table. Unbelievable how much time I have for the hobby now I'm recovering! I get a lot of things finished. The recovering is going well by the way. Stopped medication for the pain this week, but I still have to be carefull with the moves I make. Sometimes I forget about that and then my leg let it know that I did something wrong! My own fault of course!
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woensdag 11 mei 2016

Arnhem Groupe Build Project Part 4

With not more as four weeks to go to the event at Arnhem, it's about time I can finish my little part of the groupe build project. So I worked a bit harder and now I can say that the tank and the figures are finished.
First the tank. In the next pictures you will see that I have put the tank together and placed the decals. I arranged the hatch of the turret by cutting in two. Tanktracks were painted with Revell Rust and GW Boltgun Metal and put in place before glueing the parts together.

In my younger years I would have been pleased with this result and would have started with another project. And as I'm still young..... I thank you for watching! See you next time!
Are you still there?
Well okay! I will go on. Next thing I did was adding a black wash mixed with more water. I didn't want to see to much black on the model. After that I brushed the model very heavy with Tamiya Weatherine Master Gray and Mud. Now it is finished and the result you can see here.

Now the tank looks used and not new from the factory. You might see that I didn't paint the little details on the tank, but I saw no need for that because I will placing the figures on that place.
And that's where we arrive on the figures. I painted seven in total and they will all get a place on that tank. I have four figures left from the sprue (total of 11 figures) but I will not use them here. That means I will have to do another tank somewhere in the future.
I've painted the figures very simple. The main colors are Revell Olive Brown and Beige and finished with a GW Sepia Wash. Skin is painted with GW Elf Flesh and a GW Flesh Wash. The guns are painted with Revell Brown and GW Boltgun Metal finished with a GW Mud Wash! Shoes with Revell Dark Brown.

Now I must start working on the groundwork. I still have to paint the barrier and then I will place everything on the base to see if everything fits well on it. But that is for my next post on this project. The last one I hope. Keep watching!
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