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zondag 31 juli 2022

Storme - Anicius

This is a figure from a very old collection of figures that came with a pack of coffee from the brand Storme. I believe in other countries they came with Mokarex and Mokalux coffee. And as I'm always in to paint something else, this was a great figure to paint. Nice sculpted with not to many details. Size of the figure is 54mm and painted with acrylic paint.

First I show you the end result and then how it looked when I received it. I think it looks much better now, but that is of course my personal opinion.



In progress

Base marking

And a couple more of the finished figure

I hope you like it what I did with this figure. And if you have some of these figures lying around I can only say this, paint them or send them to me! :-D

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