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maandag 4 juli 2016

Esci set 238 Muslim Warriors Part 2

I could have split these up, but I'm so happy I have these finished that I post them all in one go! These are the last nine poses of this set. I posted six figures earlier in my Esci set 238 Muslim Warriors Part1 post. In that post you can also read how I painted them. Very simple as I may say.

As you can see my small Muslim army is growing every time a little bit more. I also finished the figures (one of each pose in the set) of another set but that is for later on this month. Wich means I'm getting close to the end of this small project I wanted to do this year.

Enjoy the pictures!

One of the chiefs!

Strange that after taking pictures, that
you allways see some things that has to
be corrected!

As said, I wanted to keep it simple, so red on the flag,
and no marks!

I hope you like them!

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