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zondag 11 augustus 2013

Valdemar Discussion Part 2

Hollidays are coming to an end for me. Tomorrow I have to turn back to real live. But, during the hollidays I was able to finish some things that were lying around here for some time. Like the Valdemar Discussion set. I finally get them finished after more as a year. Who wants to read more about this set can find it in part 1.

Here are the pictures!

The complete set.

I hope you like them!

Soon I show you more of the things I've finished.

Welcome to my blog!!!!!

maandag 5 augustus 2013

Fire! and Follower 200

This time we go back to the American Civil War. It all started with a base I bought at the FIGZ meeting in 2012. I did that only because I had an idea how to make a little vignette with it. A last stand of some Confederate soldiers.

In the first picture you can see the result of it. But let's do this step by step. The terrain is from Wolf Terrain a Danish firm who made this for 15 mm figures. When I told them I would use for my 1/72 scale figures they wouldn't believe me. But here's the prove I ment it. It's a real nice base and it was fun to paint it.

I didn't use only figures sold as Confederate soldiers but also Union soldiers. An overview of the figures used in this vignette.

Revell 02559 Union Infantry

Esci 223 Confederate Infantry

Revell 02558 Confederate Infantry

Revell 02558 Confederate Infantry

Revell 02559 Union Infantry

And here are some pictures of the vignette.

Picture taken by Mathew Brady during the Civil War! :-D

I hope you like it!

And also welcome to follower number 200!!!!!

- JFaria from O Brigadeiro

Welcome to my blog!!!!!