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zondag 22 april 2018

Dragon LVT-(A)4 WIP 001

Cause of a comment I gave in this topic on Benno's Figures Forum I recieved a very nice model of this tank from Frank Krüger, better known as Hellboy on the forum. Thank you Frank! The only condition he gave me is that I really would make the model and show it on the forum. You can find all the work of Frank, on this location .

Now as you can see in the history of this blog, is that I don't make many kits like this. But I like the challenge, and as I never made a Dragon kit, I would like to find out how good or bad this kits are. So I started working on it last year in November. And now I show you how far I am at this very moment.

I will try to show it step by step like show on the building instructions included by the model. Today it will be step one and two. The next steps will follow soon I hope, because I would like to finish it before the FIGZ meeting in Arnhem, Sunday June 3th 2018. There will be a weathering workshop and this model looks like it could need some of that!

Let's start with the box art. It shows the model in a Pacific theatre. The figures shown on the box are not included, but Frank was so kind to include two figures, some stowage and an aerial to complete the model. Thanks again Frank!

Step one

These are the two side pieces with all the wheels on. Not much to glue here but a lot to paint. To be complete, I don't have an airbrush, so I paint all with brushes.

Paints used so far:

- Revell 46 Nato olive
- Revell 09 Anthracite

Step two

Adding the rest of the bottom of this tank and some more small parts. Again a lot of brushwork, three layers were needed to cover the surface. But I'm pleased with the result so far.

Looks like I will have to do some retouching on some parts. But no problem, we will do that with a smile!

See you all in the next episode.

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