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woensdag 11 februari 2015

Hat 8300 Spanish Light Infantry

Busy, busy, busy! That's all I can tell about this period of the year! To much things going on and almost no time for the blog. Finally I found a little gap to post something. I must excuse that I din't comment all the comments in the previous post, but I will catch up on that next week, after the birthdays of my youngest son and my dearest wife. It's a promise.

After the colourfull figures in the previous post I present you some troops in white uniforms. These are the first figures of a little Spanish army I want to paint. The other troops are still in the mail, but they should arrive next week I hope! I ordered also some flags from Rofur.

White uniforms are not the easiest to paint, but I think the way I paint them now is good! First a layer of white paint, then a grey wash (Vallejo) and then a highlighting of the upper parts. It gives a good shading on them. I also like the contrast with the brighter colours, in this case some purple and red.

Well enough blabla, time for some pictures!

As you can see there are no command figures in this set! Hat was clever enough to make a seperate set with command figures for all three infantry sets.

This set of Light Infantry are mostly action figures. The Grenadiers and Line Infantry sets are more marching sets. I hope I can show them to you later on this year.

This picture and the one above I used for the Paiinting Competition at Benno's!

Some more from different angles.

I hope you like them!

Also welcome to some new followers:
- shintokamikaze from Shinto Kamikaze's Zed Men Walking and Republic The Irish Civil War Game. I've some great buildings on his blogs! Have a look for yourself!
- JoelAnderssonNet.. Could n't find a blog of you, so if you have one please send me the link.

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