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donderdag 23 augustus 2012

Nikolai Arabian House 1

This nice piece of scenery is sended to me by Michael from Germania Figuren. It came together with the Nikolai Arab Civilians On The Road set. It's, just like the figures, sculpted by Erik Trauner from Diorama Dreamland.

It's completely painted with acrylics and it was a joy to paint.

Enjoy the pictures!

I hope you like it!

I also have have a message for my followers and the people who give comment here on my blog. Cause I'm working on some things that have to be ready before the 9th of September, for the competition in Mol Belgium, I have not much time at the moment to visit and give comments on your blogs. Please be patient, I'll pass by as soon as I can. Thanks!

Also welcome to a new follower:
- Epictetus (Sorry, I found no blog in your profile, so if you have one, please let me know)

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woensdag 15 augustus 2012

A Medieval Story or Surprise

Hollidays! Always good but also to short! Mine ended last week, so it's about time I give a sign of life here. The little diorama shown here, I made for the FIGZ 2012 meeting painting competition. I took second place, and was very happy with the result.
The figures I used are all from Valdemar. You will recognize them from previous posts on this blog. The Medieval Highwaymen, the Medieval Guards On Duty and the rider of the Pilgrims set.

Now what's the story behind the story. Since a couple of months I'm a moderator on Benno's Figures Forum, and almost every day there's a fight against "Spammers". As a moderator there you're name is in a green colour. Now you know why the guards and the rider have that green colour uniform. The "Spammers" in this story are the highwaymen. I thought it was a good idea to show this daily battle in a medieval setting.

The trees are all made by myself like I have shown here.

Enjoy it!

This my friends is Andreas, riding his horse and singing
a ballad. It's the ballad of all honest internet users, who
want to show their work or interest to the world.

But what's that showing up in the back?

Ohoh, this looks like a bunch of Spammers who want to cheange the ballad!

Pst! Come here boys, and let us give the guy a surprise!

Quick he's coming near!

What? I can't hear you!

The "Hacker" is here boys!

They are surrounding poor Andreas who is still singing! Isn't he aware of
the danger he's in? But look in the left top corner! What's that?

This looks like some friends of Andreas!
He's got some back up!
But what's going on with them?

The one leaning against that rock is Paul! He's not
feeling well after all the wine he drunk last evening!
Thomas is telling him to move one because Andreas
is allready on the other side of the rock.

Chris, Rich, Remco and Mark are waiting.

Andreas' friends will be a hell of a "Surprise" for those "Spammers"!

This was the story. Not much on it but it's a nice way to present a dio! I hope you like it?
Some more pictures:

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- Michigentile from Michigentile's Microworld

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