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dinsdag 24 december 2013

The (K)night Before Christmas!

Seasonal Greetings to you all! And what's a better way to show this to you with a figure. The figure is from Valdemar, actually a Teutonic Knight, but for this occasion painted as a Christmas Knight! The Christmas tree on his shield is handpainted!

Merry Christmas!!!!!
           Fröhliche Weihnachten!!!!!
                                         Joyeux Noel!!!!!
                                                     Buon Natale!!!!!
                                                                   Feliz Navidad!!!!!
                                                                              Prettig Kerstfeest!!!!!
                                                                                                   Craciun Fericit!!!!

Have a great Christmas!!!!!

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zondag 15 december 2013

Revell Outlaw on horse

As I needed one more entry for the 37th Painting competition on Benno's Figures Forum I painted this one very quick so I could start the competition. I think the outcome isn't to bad, and I'm pleased with it. I will plan some more to paint, cause these are in fact easy to paint figures. Not to much details and good sculpted.

I must think about taking a picture from him with my Revell Cowboy Riding and Shooting. I think they might look good together!

I also want to wish all who is taking part in The 4th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge good luck. I hope you all may reach your goals! I still think it is some kind of madness, but I I love to look at the outcome of this challenge!

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zondag 8 december 2013

LOTR Wildman of Druadan and Thanks to some bloggers!

Sometimes I want to paint something different as my 1/72 scale figures. This time it's one figure of Games Workshop Lord Of The Rings sets. Picked this up in a hobby shop that waas stopping. Could it buy with a 50% reduction and I couldn't resist.

I might be the only one, but how bigger the scale how harder to paint for me. You see more details on these 28mm figures, so you can't ignore them. I did my very best on him and used the boxart as example to paint him. The base isn't finished yet because I want to wait untill the others are painted.

Well I hope you like the result!

I also want to say thanks to some fellow bloggers who sended me the prizes I won in their "Give Aways".

First one is Pascal from Sam's Minis World. He sended me a "Secret figure" from this "Give Away". And you know what, I will keep it secret for a while. Only thing I can tell, it talks a lot! :-D

Second one is Stefan from Monty's Caravan. I was lucky to win in this "Give Away", this fantastic model of a Horsa. Strange thing about this is that I won it after reading "A bridge to far" from Cornelius Ryan. I must read more books related with Give Aways.

Speaking about books. Not so long ago Dave from One man and his brushes did a "Give Away" with some books in it. You might have guessed it already but also in this "Give Away" I had one of the lucky numbers. My prize was this book with a lot of uniform plates in it. Very usefull for me to paint my Napoleonic figures!

Thank you Pascal, Stefan and Dave for these nice things!

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donderdag 28 november 2013

Caesar Dwarf 3/10

It's still Dwarfember, so here is the next one! Again one with an axe. The next one, I promise will not have an axe! Nothing more to tell about this dwarf, just that he is from the same tribe as the two previous dwarves. The green colour is their tribe colour. But I have no name for them yet. Maybe someone has an idea?

Here he is!

All three together!

I also want to welcome two new followers:
- Dave Docherty from One man and his brushes

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vrijdag 22 november 2013

Caesar Dwarf 2/10

Almost a year ago I posted the first one of these dwarfs on my blog. Did you miss him? No problem you can see him here. Now so much time later I almost finished them all. And inspired by my good friend Pascal from Sam's Minis World I found  it about time to let them see to you, my dear followers. Again one with an axe.

Dwarfs one and two!

I hope you like him!

And now something different! This year, and this for the fourth time, a "Wild Bunch" of figure painters have their challenge at the Analogue Hobbies Blog. Three months they will be painting figures like mad men and women. I wish them all good luck, but most of all Curt who is organizing this madness! And I'm also a bit mad, cause I will try to follow this challenge as much as I can!

I also want to announce another "Give Away" This time on the One man his brushes blog. He's doing this cause he reached the 100.000 hits milestone and 150 followers. He is Dave, congrats!

I would also like to take the opportunity to support a very fine lady, who's going through hard times and I miss her a lot on blogger! I'm talking about Anne O'Leary from the O'Leary Miniatures blog. I also hope that her participation on the painting challenge will bring her back on blogger! Don't let them get you down Anne!

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zaterdag 16 november 2013

Hat 8024 Nubian Cavalry

After all that news about CRISIS it's time I show some painted figures again. This time I've painted some figures giving by my son at the beginning of this year. For the ones who missed it, it was this post: Happy New Year!.

I picked these ones because I wanted to paint some figures that could be done very quickly. And it worked. This set has twelve riders.The horses are all painted in different colours because I wanted to test some combinations for later projects. And some of you will also notice that these are again some white uniforms. I couldn't resist!

A review of the set can be read here.

And now the pictures:

And here some animation I want to try out!

I hope you like them!

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zondag 10 november 2013

CRISIS 2013 Purchases

Well as promised here is my little list of purchases I've made at CRISIS this year. I always start with a plan when I go to a convention. I make a small list of the things I'm really after. But as always that are dreams. And as always you leave the place with more things that were on the list.

Let's start with the things that were on that list:

First I went to the stand of Ulrike and Jörg Schilling from Schilling Figuren. They had some new things, and I wanted them in myy collection.

First there was this nice "Ox Wagon".

Then they have a nice range of Indians.

Bear attack!

Buffalo hunt set 1!

Buffalo hunt set 2!
All these figures are sculpted by Toma. Toma's Minis World is his blog and I can recommend a visit to his blog. He has made some awesome diorama's!

Next thing on my list was this (not teasing you Fran!):

Brushes 10/0 and hopefully a good goldpaint this time!
The brushes are for painting those 6 mm figures from Ian!

And then the walk around starts, and the next things were yelling to me: "Buy me!" So here is the result:

Hasegawa Mercedes Benz G4.

Bought it for 5 euro at the bring and sell stands.

Zvezda Siege Machines Set 1! Again 5 euro!

Zvezda Siege Machines Set 2! Same price!

I just love this set! Great figures!

And then I bought some little plastic bags with figures from a second hand shop:

This all for 3,5 euro! Now look what was in it!
I give a little more attention to the bag with the brown figures!

All little pieces from Atlantic, nice to make some scenery!

25 Esci Muslim Warriors!

Some Modern Paratroopers from Atlantic! I have these already!
But they werent the main reason I bought this bag.

1. From the Gold rush set from Atlantic
2. From the Kit Carson set from Atlantic
3. From the Buffalo Bill set from Atlantic

This was the main reason I bought the bag!
The three top rows and the last row of figures
are from the Sioux Camp set of Atlantic.
Never reissued and very rare!

Sitting Bull and a squaw cleaning a buffalo skin!

Top row: A squaw making dinner and a warrior cutting some wood.
Bottom row: A squaw  from the Apache Camp from Atlantic.

Warriors returning from hunt.
Warrior with horse.
With these last figures from Atlantic I was very pleased. Pity they missed some poses as you can see here.

That was it folks!

I also want to welcome a new follower:
- Jur from Rear Guard Action

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