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maandag 30 september 2013

Nikolai Muezzin and scholars

Again some nice sculpted figures from Erik Trauner. This time the muezzin and scholars! I've painted one earlier for my Somewhere in Arabia diorama.

The figures can be found by Germania Figuren. And Michael launched some good news. The female figures of this range will be availeble next month. You can see and read about them here. They look beautifull!

Now some pictures!

This one is used in the Somewhere in Arabia diorama.
I hope you like them!

Also welcome to some new followers:

- Chris Stoesen from Wargamer's Odds and Ends
- Pat Hatt from It's Rhyme Time

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donderdag 26 september 2013

Hat 8271 Dervish Warriors

Paul, I did it! I have painted them! After more as a year that they were lying around here, I've painted this excellent set from Hat! Hardest part was to paint the white. But I managed. First one layer of white, then a grey wash over it and repainted the upper parts of the figure again with white. Do they look good? For me yes. But for you others?

Have a look at the pictures and let me know what you think.

8 poses in this set



Hadendowah Infantry!

I hope you like them!

Also welcome to some new followers:
- Carl (couldn't find a blog in your profile)
- Ian from The Blog With No Name. I just have been reading a stunning post of him at his blog about the landing in Normandy 1944. And thank you Ian for the nice price I won in your give away!

And again there is a give away from someone who reached a milestone and will be a year younger at October 7th.  Wargamer's Odds and Ends for more information!

And it don't stop. Also Anne from O'leary Miniatures is doind a give away. You can find the information here"This give away is being sponsored in part by author Patrick Hatt. You can find Mr. Hatt's Amazon Writers Page here.

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maandag 16 september 2013

Mol 2013

On sunday 8 september I went to the meeting at Mol. I couldn't stay long but I managed to make some pictures.

If you were wondering what I have been up to, well a lot of things. First of all my oldest son moved out and is living with his girlfriend in his new appartement. Which ment that one room came free in our house. We moved our youngest to that room and I took the smaller one. This one will become my cave!!! When everything is installed I will take some pictures and show it to you.

But enough talking. Take a cool beer and a nice and cosy chair and start watching these pictures!

This is 1/35 scale!!!!

I know it are a lot of pictures but I hope you enjoyed them!

PS Ian from "A Blog With No Name" is celebrating his 500 post with a great "Give Away". You read it very well, 500 posts! Have a look at his blog: The Blog With No Name!

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