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donderdag 15 november 2018

Dragon LVT-(A)4 WIP 002

Today I present step 3 and 4 from this work in progress. It has been a while but I really have been busy with this project. Not as busy as I would like but I can't change that anymore.

As you can see I'm still working in the base color of this tank and I haven't paiinted one of the details yet, except for the wheels. Later on this project I will use some bottles of AK, which I bought at FIGZ Arnhem this year, after following a workshop. And on the latest CRISIS, I bouoght some more.

Step three

This is a part of the upper hull with lots of tiny pieces to at. I lost some on the floor, because they were to tiny for me. I work a bit different since then. Now I add a little piece of blue tape to the part before I cut it from the sprue. Works fine for me, and when it falls of the table, I'm able to find it back!

Pictures are a bit blurry, but that's because I used my old camera. Next time I will use my other one again.

Step four

Second part of the upper hull.

Next picture is what is called a dry fitting. Just to see how it looks so far. Glueing is for later.

Paints used so far:

- Revell 46 Nato olive
- Revell 09 Anthracite

Here are also some pictures of the figures that will join this tank. One has his foot broken, but he insisted to stay in the show. Inside the tank you will not see that.

See you all in the next episode.

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woensdag 7 november 2018


Saterday I was at the CRISIS in Antwerp and took some pictures. I post them here just in the order I took them. It was a great day and I met some friends again. Next year I'll be there for the new show! In the mean time enjoy these pictures!

Teaser for my friend Remco!

Here you can get it next year Remco!

One of the purchases, downsised Airfix cowboys (1/72)!

Hope you liked them.

Welcome to my blog!!!!!