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maandag 18 december 2017

Atlantic Egyptian Command stand

These are figures I painted earlier this year. They are part of a bigger project I'm working on. The project is to paint an Egyptian army, but a bit in hollywood style. The green for the figures comes from the movie Cleopatra. It looked good so this will be the main color of the army.

What I show here are the original Atlantic figures from the set At the Pharaoh's court. Very rare figures these times, because Nexus didn't reissued these figures. On this stand yoou see an Egyptian prince with some servants and a knight.

I hope you like them! Next figures of this project will be some infantry!

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vrijdag 17 november 2017

Lemax Sitting woman and a dog!

Me and my big mouth. Never should have said that I could paint these figures better as they were. These figures are from the well known Christmas towns you see everywhere around in the shops these days. The woman of my oldest son collects them to. And it is her I told that the figures were ugly painted. The result was I get these two as a test for a repaint.

So the following pictures are from before and after the paintjob. Size is about 54 mm, hard plastic and the sculpting could have been better.



Well I hope she will be happy with them. And I will wait and see how many other figures will come my way for a repaint.

Hope you like them to? Some more pictures.

Welcome to my blog!!!!!