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maandag 9 juni 2014

Joseph, Marquis de Séguiran, Sieur de Bouc

This is the CRISIS 2013 figure which every visitor recieve when he enters the show. The only information I have about this figure is what is written on a little note that comes with it. "Joseph, Marquis de Séguiran, Sieur de Bouc, Colonel du Régiment de Maine, killed at the Battle of Eeckeren in 1703 (Near the TSA clubhouse". Information aboiut that battle I found on Wiki, but nothing about the person. You can find it here. The figure is sculpted by Paul Hicks and the casting by Griffin Moulds.

It wouldn't be me if I didn't have a story about this little work. In fact I have two of these figures. One of my own and the other (the one on the picture) well, is now standing on the cupboard of my mother. At the show I've met someone of our family and we agreed to see eachother at my mothers home to have a little chat. It was he who gave this figure at my mother. When he has left, my mother said to me that she would like to see it painted. Only, she said it joking. I didn't take it as a joke and I had the idea to paint it and give it back to her as a little Christmas gift. So I did and here you can see the result of this "joke". The base is made by my good friend Dalibor from Croatia.

Enough blabla but some more pictures!

I hope you like him!

Pictures of the show can be found here.
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woensdag 4 juni 2014

FIGZ 2014

Last sunday the members of Benno's Figures Forum had their yearly meeting at Arnhem. It's a small meeting but a very nice one. It's always fun to meet people interested in the hobby and you only know from the www. 

The meeting found place in two rooms. One room was for the wargamers and the traders, the other one for us, where we could show our work and do a little painting. He had a lot of fun! But let me show you the pictures. They tell more as words.

Firts pictures is the wargaming and traders room. On the left there was a very big diorama in progress of the battle of Cambrai of our good friend Hans.

Second picture is of the room where we had some space to show our work.

Work of our members.

First prize in the multiple figures competition.

Gaming tables.


Our youngest member Luke!

Remco, organizer of the event!
Thank you mate, I had a very fine day!
From left to right:
Konrad, Jan Benno, Alex and Marc.

Konrad and Jan are discussing if they would charge me money for this picture!
My answer? Nope!

Erik-Jan (and his lady) and Rene.

Andy, Michael and Markus (at work for me, glueing some figures)
The Cambrai diorama.

The Painting Competition Winners.

Luke won the Junior competition!
Dirk won first prize Single Figure Competition!
Sascha won second prize but was to quick for my old camera!
Also special attention to what is happening in the front.
As always I brought some "vlaai" with me for this event and as a tractation
for my birthday next month.
Remco was cutting it and as it looks tasting to! :-D
Konrad receiving second prize in the Multiple Figures Competition!
On the left Martin, organizer of these competitions!
Thank you Martin!

Doesn't he look proud?
Wel done Konrad san!

Andreas receiving his first prize for the second year on a row!

Sascha, Dirk, Andreas and Konrad!
This was my entry for the competition.

Napoleonic French Girl Power!
Picture borrowed from Dirk!
And to prove I was there

That's me on the left with Kurt and Jim!
Picture borrowed from Dirk!
Traders who were present at the meeting:
Three nice candyshops, thank you guys!

These were my pictures of the show, hope you like them.

More pictures can be seen here:

Then I also would like to announce a very special give away from Ubique on his BLOG. Go and have a look, you will be surprised! And you know what! This man knows something about beer! My respect Sir!

I also would like to welcome some new followers:
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