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donderdag 25 maart 2021

Revell 2566 Imperial Artillery 30YW

Just to show that I am still painting figures some officers of the Revell 2566 Imerial Atillery 30YW. I must confess that I didn't know that this were officers and that their pikes are to fire their guns. This information I got from my friend Steve at Benno's Figures Forum in this topic: Thirthy Years War Project.

Reason that I show them is that I panted and based them and I can't change them anymore (I'm to lazy for that and I got more of them!). For painting I tried to follow the colors on the boxart.

I hope you like them. More information on this set can be found on the link above which brings you to the Plastic Soldier Review page.

Model on and stay healthy!

zondag 31 januari 2021

Asterix and the Vikings - Unknown figure

Last day of the month and here is a quick post. When I started painting this figure I didn't realise that this figure didn't exist in the comic book, but a figure from the cartoon movie. Never seen it and so I don't know his name. And that's why in top title he is marked as unknown. If someone can tell me his name I would be grateful.

The figure came out of an surprise egg long time ago. Now I repainted him so he doesn't look that glossy anymore. I tried to keep the same colors as he came with. I have a few more of this range and I will try to repaint them some day.

Enjoy the pictures.

The whole set.

I hope you like him!