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donderdag 9 december 2021

Jean Hoeffler Indian Woman Walking

Here is another non violent figure I painted last week. As far I know Jean hoeffler made only one Indian woman in his range. It is for that a very rare figure. I was lucky to get this figure with a second hand and i reeally didn't realise that this figure was in it. I was so happy when I found her in the package that I couldn't wait to give her a layer of paint. And below you find the result.

And this is how she looked like when she arrived at my home!

I hope you like her!

Stay save and thank you for watching!



maandag 29 november 2021

DOM Tarzan

This figure is from a second hand auction some time ago. He is bigger a 1/32 or 1/35 figures, about 70 mm tall. He had an  ugly mould mark on his back and I tried to work it away as gentle as possible because this figure is also a bit rubbery. Then I gave it a good bath with soap and after that it is painted with acrylic paint. 

Here are the pictures of how he looked before.

And some with another lightning.

I hope you like him.

Stay save and thank you for watching!



zondag 11 juli 2021

Caesar H036 WWII Chinese Army

I had some figures of this set lying around, but not enough, and with the help of a friend at Benno's Figures Forum, who sended me some extra figures so I could make three bases with these figures. This set of figures doesn't have so much details, so they painted very easely. Not all poses ofthem are presented because I didn't have them. Nevertheless this is a nice mix. 

I hope you like them.


Thanks for watching and stay safe!

Model on!

maandag 7 juni 2021

Infra at work!

This work is something I made last year as a farewell gift for my collegues I worked so many years with. First it was my intention to make it as a prize for the best employe of the year, but then I thought they deserve it all and gave it to the chief asking him to give it a good place. One day I will check it if he has done that!

The reason I post this so late is because I used the pictures for the painting competition on Benno's Figures Forum with a fourth place as result. The figures I used are from the Revell (old Accurate) 02564 Confederate Pioneers which can be seen here on Plastic Soldier Review. The uniforms are painted light blue because we wore this as worksuits most of the time.

Infra stands for "Infrastructure". We did maintenance on buildings, roofs, roads, runways and so on. And most of the time we had more work as people to fix all the problems. But we kept on going and they still do! And now and then we were also soldiers!

So enough blabla, let me show you the pictures.

Picture used for the painting competition.

Picture used for the painting competition.

I hope you like them. And to my old collegues , I would like to thank you all for the many years we worked together. It was an honour! Thank you!

Model on and stay safe!

donderdag 25 maart 2021

Revell 2566 Imperial Artillery 30YW

Just to show that I am still painting figures some officers of the Revell 2566 Imerial Atillery 30YW. I must confess that I didn't know that this were officers and that their pikes are to fire their guns. This information I got from my friend Steve at Benno's Figures Forum in this topic: Thirthy Years War Project.

Reason that I show them is that I panted and based them and I can't change them anymore (I'm to lazy for that and I got more of them!). For painting I tried to follow the colors on the boxart.

I hope you like them. More information on this set can be found on the link above which brings you to the Plastic Soldier Review page.

Model on and stay healthy!

zondag 31 januari 2021

Asterix and the Vikings - Unknown figure

Last day of the month and here is a quick post. When I started painting this figure I didn't realise that this figure didn't exist in the comic book, but a figure from the cartoon movie. Never seen it and so I don't know his name. And that's why in top title he is marked as unknown. If someone can tell me his name I would be grateful.

The figure came out of an surprise egg long time ago. Now I repainted him so he doesn't look that glossy anymore. I tried to keep the same colors as he came with. I have a few more of this range and I will try to repaint them some day.

Enjoy the pictures.

The whole set.

I hope you like him!