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maandag 27 juni 2011

Hat Nassau Infantry Fusiliers

These are some figures that I've painted for a groups build at Benno's Figures Forum. This is half of the figures I have to paint for it. Currently I'm working on the "Light companies" figures and the "Grenadiers".

Enjoy the pictures!

Fusiliers front

Fusiliers back

Command figures back

Command figures front

Advancing figures back

Advancing figures front

Loading and shooting figure back

Loading and shooting figure front

Marching figures back

Marching figures front

Hope you like them!

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zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Revell AWI British Infantry

After the Italeri AWI British Light Cavalry I've painted is here the infantry. I've bought these figures in a box of Revell but actually these are re-issues from the Accurate British Infantry.

Painting these was fun but not that easy with all that white on them. But I don't think the final result is bad? Is it?

Enjoy the pictures!



Command figures

Command figures

Action poses

Action poses

Standing and marching poses

Standing and marching poses

Hope you like them!

maandag 20 juni 2011

Assyrian King

This is a special figure of Caesar and the description on Plastic Soldier Review says the following about this figure: "an Assyrian king and looks to be based on a portrait of Ashurnasirpal II (ruled 883 to 859 BCE). He wears the polo crown and holds aloft his mace as symbol of his office". These figure comes as extra figure in a different set, by name this one: Ancient Egyptian Chariots

So I went looking on the internet to find a picture of this king, how I should paint him. And the result you can see below. Painted with acrylic paints (Games Workshop and Revell).

Hope you like him ;-)

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woensdag 8 juni 2011

Hiding!! A little story!

After I painted those Panzergrenadiers I had to do something with them. So I thought why not making a little vignette with them. So I did, and took it with me to the meeting at FIGZ. When I was there I decided to put it in competition and see what happened:

I won the second prize in the Multiple Figures competition, only beaten by my good friend Paul from Paul's Bods. This was his contribution. Congrats with the win Paul!

But what was my contribution? I let you see in a little story. Here it goes.

On a sunny day in the year 1944 two German Panzer grenadiers are walking on the street somewhere in Normandy and then all of sudden they meet a nun. She looks very nervous. They decide to talk with her.

Good morning. Is everything allright? You look nervous.

Good morning. Yes everything is allright, but it's a bit hot
and there's no water in the fountain to refresh myself.

Oh! If that's what let you shake all the way, we let you go
your way, so you can find some water to refresh.

And the Germans went on. But what was the real reason she act that way. You can find the answer in the next pictures:

Two men of the resistance and an English commando
are HIDING behind the fountain!

Three brave men on a mission to make D-Day a success.

Jaques is keeping his machinegun ready to attack the Germans if they want to
harm the nun, while Tommy, the commando, is ready to support him when needed

Their friend, Jean-Louis, is in for a more drastic solution
with his handgrenate!
As allready told everything went right as the Germans gone away, and the brave nun and the three men could succeed in their mission to clear the pad for a succesfull invasion.


Here are a few more pictures of the vignette. The fountain is from my good friend João from GEM. He has many other nice things in his webshop. Figures are from Caesar, the German Panzergrenadiers (set1), the Partisans in Europe and the WWII British Commandos.

Hope you liked it ;-)

And welcome to Captain Richard from Captain Richard's miniature Civil War.

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maandag 6 juni 2011


Painting this figure started all with a question on the Bennos Figures Forum from my good friend Maurice from MINI FIGS. The question was if we weren't posting to much Napoleonic figures on the forum. I know he loves more the WWII and Modern period to paint figures from.

So I thought it would be fun to paint a Napoleonic figure in a WWII Camo pattern, and as I was painting WWII German Panzergrenadiers, I took a figure from the Revell Napoleonic Prussian Infantry.

And here you can see the result:

I showed the figure to Maurice last saterday on FIGZ and he liked it! It was a fun day by the way. Pictures on the event can be seen here. More about that meeting later on this week ;-)

And a warm welcome to the new followers of my blog:

Steve from Little Legions, Olly Vessel from Ollyvessel and Mojo (sorry mate couldn't find your blog. If you have one, place a link in the comment)

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