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woensdag 27 april 2016

Surgery and....Snowwhite

One week ago I had a two hours during operation on my back, to take away a hernia which was blocking a nerve from my right leg. It was taken away succesfuly and the pain in my leg is gone now. And for the jokers amongst you, yes I still have my leg!
Bad thing is I'm not allowed to do some things. Lifting, bowing, cardriving and I can't do things long. Sitting on a chair for example, one half hour, walking, same thing, standing, same thing. The doctor said it will take eight to twelve weeks to recover completely.
Luckely my wife and sons are taking good care for me and making life very pleasant for me. So I am allowed to do some things for the hobby on the kitchen table, so I don't have to do the stairs to the man cave. Also here I must take care that I'm not sitting to long in the same position otherwise the pain in my back is to hard.
I also would like to thank everyone for the support in my previous post. It gave me warm feelings!
And here is something that started as a joke on Benno's Figures Forum. When I posted my painted dwarves over there, a joker called Gunnar, was asking where Snowwhite was hidden. That's where I started to look for a suiteble figure that could present her. And of course I found one. First I show you again the seven dwarves.
And here she is with her escort of brave little men. The figure is from the Caesar Elves set. Only modification I had to do was cutting away the pointy ears. I gave a lovely light blue dress like we all know from the Disney movie. And black hair of course.

Here you have her in close up. I hope you like the lovely lady!

And now I must see that I'm getting back on track. A tank track! Otherwise I will not get ready my contribution for the FIGZ meeting.
Model on!
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dinsdag 19 april 2016

ACTA Norman Infantry

It was my intention to post an update on the Arnhem Group Build Project, but because I will have some surgery done on my back (hernia) I decided to post something small. So only one figure to show today but it is a big one (54 mm).

I bought this set last year just for fun. The box contains 16 figures in four different poses. As they are made from hard plastic, I don't know if modifications on the figures will be possible. I was thinking to try something with hot water, but I'm not sure if it will work. One thing I can do is to change the position of the shields. The one I'm showing here is painted as test figure. I used the color scheme that was on the back of the box.

I hope you like him.

PS: Cause of the surgery I don't know when I be able to do a next post. It all depends on when and how! Just keep on watching!

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vrijdag 15 april 2016

British Paras

While I'm working on my tank for the Arnhem Group Build Project I show you some other figures I painted. Nothing special just one radioman from the Airfix set and one is Hong Kong made. The last one is a bit to tease Paul from Plastic Warriors. I've been reading he would like to have this figures! But to be honest Paul, I just have this one and one other left from the battlefields from my sons.
Here is the one from Airfix. I painted this one for my montly duels at the Benno's Figure Forum. Yes I was mad enough to do another year of these duels. At the end I had 25 duels on a row (2014 and 2015). More pictures of this duels will follow later on this year. The result of the duel (one of the few I won in 2015) can be seen here.

For the Honk Kong figure I used the same color scheme as for the Airfix one. I had to remove a lot of flash from this one, but that is completely normal for this kind of figures. But after all I find it worth the try. He doesn't look that bad.

I hope you like them.
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maandag 11 april 2016

AWI figures

Today a small bunch of figures of the American War of Independence. It's a little mix of Imex, Revell and Italeri.
The first two are from Imex. These are two of the special figures who were add to the Original Accurate figure set. I think they are carrying the bosses tea set!

Next are five new painted figures of the Revell set (former Accurate). I use the one I allready painted as example to paint the others.

And finally I present an American Native Warrior. My inspiration for this figure I get from the movie The Last Mohican. As know these warriors fought on both sides in this war. Don't know yet on which side this one will end. It's a figure from Italeri.

I hope you like them!
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donderdag 7 april 2016

Arnhem Groupe Build Project Part 2

Here is the progress on this project I did so far. Not very much at this moment because I had some problems with painting the figures. I tried to paint them with of a lot of drybrushing but I wasn't happy with the result. The one I"m showing now is better in my eyes.
Excuse me for not so good pictures but I didn't take them in daylight and my camera is getting a bit old. I think it's about time to look for a new one.
First I started with the checkpoint cabine. I used one color of brown and gave the roof a black wash and the sides a devlan mud wash. I'm thinking to do a slight drybrush with some dark grey. What do you think?
Here I sorted out all the parts needed. I didn't do the barrier yet. That is something for the next days.

Some pictures of the cabine with an English soldier I painted in 2014 in one of the duels on Benno's Figures Forum.

And here is one of the volunteers that will take place on the tank. I used the Revell color scheme to paint him and finished him with a Sepia Wash. It looks better as with drybrushing. I'm curious about your opinion.
Pinned them!

White undercoat!

Finished figure front!

Finished figure back!

Finished figure left side!

Finished figure right side!
He really looks better in real. As said bad pictures. I hope to make some better ones next time. Now I will start with the tank. And together with the barrier I can start making the base. The figures on the tank will depend on how much time I have left.
And now again some promotion for the event. Maybe I can convince some people to pass by on this day.


Wargaming & miniatures event in the Netherlands

Sunday 5 June 2016, Arnhem (NL)

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maandag 4 april 2016

Jean Höfler Figures 2

As my good friend Paul from BB's Blog asked, I present another cowboy from this range. I used another color scheme as I did on the other one. He can be seen here. You can also find some more blabla and information when you use that link.

Just an announcement, but I have put all the 1/32 and 1/35 figures under the label 54mm here on my blog. It makes the overview a bit better.

Well here he is:

The nose is a bit damaged but that is caused by an American Native indian! You can see it better on the last picture!

I hope you like him!

I also have a question. Can someone confirm me when he visits this blog that the warning appears that this blog use cookies? I see it on almost all other blogs that I visit, but I can't see it on my own blog. Please clear this out for me. Thank you.

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vrijdag 1 april 2016

Revell 30 Years War Figures

The figures I'm showing today are from two sets of Revell. They are from the Revell set 02556 Imperial Infantry and the Revell set 02557 Swedish Infantry. I painted them for English Civil War purpose. Like many other painted figures of me they go in a box for later use. Maybe one day, when I painted enough figures of this period I'll make a dio with them.
The lances are Original like they came out of the box. I gave them a point so they would look more like lances. Historical they aren't right, because they should be much longer. But you know me, I'm a lazy person, so I refused to replace them!

Pity that there is only one figure in this pose in a box. Can you imagen a whole square with this figures? Must be awesome!

Sorry for the not so clear pictures, but I think it is beginning to be urgent that I buy me a new one! I hope you like them!

And in the mean time I'm still working on my Arnhem project. The checkpoint is painted and now I'm busy with the figures. But later on this week more news about that.
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