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maandag 28 januari 2013

Revell cowboy, riding and shooting!

Today just a small post! A single rider of the Revell Cowboys set! Again it was something I painted for a duel at Benno's Figures Forum! You can find the result here! It was agains my good friend of Sweden, Gunnar! You can find more about him and his work here on Gataskog! If he should have placed some better pictures in the duel, I'm sure he would have won it!

A review of the set can be seen here!

Enjoy the pictures!

A couple more!

I hope you like him!

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dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Warhammer High Elf Swordmaster of Hoeth

Let's call this my Warhammer project part two! After the Skaven Clanrat in my previous post, now a figure of the opposite side! I could only find a drawing how this one had to be painted, so I used my "fantasy" on some parts of it. I think he turned out well.

Again this figure is out of the house, back to his brothers, where he belong.

Enjoy the pictures!

I hope you like him!

In my previous post I also welcomed a new follower, and thanks to Paul from Paul's Bods I have his blogadress!
So again welcome to Geordie an Exiled Fog from Geordie's Big Battles!

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zaterdag 19 januari 2013

Warhammer Skaven Clanrat

Some of you will now think that I did something wrong now. I'm evil I know! I painted a Warhammer figure of Games Workshop. How comes? Well my oldest son, you know the one who gave me some goodies for the new year, bought some of these together with a friend of his. They asked me to paint an example, and that's what I did.

They glued the figure together before they gave it to me, but I had to remove the arm with the sword because I couldn't reach the parts under it. After I did that it painted up very nicely and here you can see the result! I know I overlooked some things but I can't fix them anymore, because he's now where he belong! With his owner!

I hope you like him!

Also welcome to a new follower:
- Geordie an Exiled Fog (again I couldn't find a blog or link to it. If you have one please let me know)

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woensdag 9 januari 2013

Rock or spear, boss?

Here are my first figures of this year. It's the Hat 8184 Greek catapult set. A review can be seen here. The reason I've painted this set is, one because I had them from a swap with Paul from Paul's Bods, and second I had a duel with the great Rich from West Models and Figures. The result of the duel at Benno's Figures Forum can be seen here.

The set painted very nice. It's also the first time I'm pleased with the result of painting white uniforms. I first gave them a white basecoat and then used a Vallejo grey wash. After that I highlighted the upper parts of the white. The catapult was another story. Painting was ok but while I was assembling it, I found out that I was missing two parts. The two little parts to attache the slings (I hope this is the right word in English!). So those little parts on the back of the catapult are scratchbuild. The rope on the catapult is given by my wife! The grass on the base is from Games Workshop.

I hope you like it!

Also welcome to a new follower:
- jacksarge (I couldn't find a blog or a link to your blog. So if you have one please just let me know)

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donderdag 3 januari 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!

My first post of the year, and I would like to wish you all and yours a very happy but most of all a healthy 2013! I wish you also a lot of fun in all the things you do. Not only in moddeling and painting but also in real life!

I set myself also some objectives I want to reach this year. First of all finishing the things I started last year, and then continue with some new things! One bigger project has to be finished before the end of May, for the FIGZ meeting in Arhnem. I also will be starting a project that has to be finished in June 2015. But more about that later on this year.

And to end this post, on the last day of 2012 my oldest son gave me some goodies, which I never expected. A little overview:

Ancient world!

Medieval Europe!

Napoleonic Wars!

Mahdist Revolt!

And start screaming for this last set, it's a 1/32 scale set from Italeri!

American Civil War!
As you all can see a lot of work for this year!

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