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dinsdag 24 december 2013

The (K)night Before Christmas!

Seasonal Greetings to you all! And what's a better way to show this to you with a figure. The figure is from Valdemar, actually a Teutonic Knight, but for this occasion painted as a Christmas Knight! The Christmas tree on his shield is handpainted!

Merry Christmas!!!!!
           Fröhliche Weihnachten!!!!!
                                         Joyeux Noel!!!!!
                                                     Buon Natale!!!!!
                                                                   Feliz Navidad!!!!!
                                                                              Prettig Kerstfeest!!!!!
                                                                                                   Craciun Fericit!!!!

Have a great Christmas!!!!!

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zondag 15 december 2013

Revell Outlaw on horse

As I needed one more entry for the 37th Painting competition on Benno's Figures Forum I painted this one very quick so I could start the competition. I think the outcome isn't to bad, and I'm pleased with it. I will plan some more to paint, cause these are in fact easy to paint figures. Not to much details and good sculpted.

I must think about taking a picture from him with my Revell Cowboy Riding and Shooting. I think they might look good together!

I also want to wish all who is taking part in The 4th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge good luck. I hope you all may reach your goals! I still think it is some kind of madness, but I I love to look at the outcome of this challenge!

Welcome to my blog!!!!!

zondag 8 december 2013

LOTR Wildman of Druadan and Thanks to some bloggers!

Sometimes I want to paint something different as my 1/72 scale figures. This time it's one figure of Games Workshop Lord Of The Rings sets. Picked this up in a hobby shop that waas stopping. Could it buy with a 50% reduction and I couldn't resist.

I might be the only one, but how bigger the scale how harder to paint for me. You see more details on these 28mm figures, so you can't ignore them. I did my very best on him and used the boxart as example to paint him. The base isn't finished yet because I want to wait untill the others are painted.

Well I hope you like the result!

I also want to say thanks to some fellow bloggers who sended me the prizes I won in their "Give Aways".

First one is Pascal from Sam's Minis World. He sended me a "Secret figure" from this "Give Away". And you know what, I will keep it secret for a while. Only thing I can tell, it talks a lot! :-D

Second one is Stefan from Monty's Caravan. I was lucky to win in this "Give Away", this fantastic model of a Horsa. Strange thing about this is that I won it after reading "A bridge to far" from Cornelius Ryan. I must read more books related with Give Aways.

Speaking about books. Not so long ago Dave from One man and his brushes did a "Give Away" with some books in it. You might have guessed it already but also in this "Give Away" I had one of the lucky numbers. My prize was this book with a lot of uniform plates in it. Very usefull for me to paint my Napoleonic figures!

Thank you Pascal, Stefan and Dave for these nice things!

Welcome to my blog!!!!!