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maandag 10 juni 2024

Storme - Koning Boudewijn I

One of my Storme Coffee figures. The base of this figures was broken so I decided to paint this fifth King of Belgium and give him a proper base. Size of the figure is 54 mm. I wanted to paint this figure as realistic as possible. I hope you like him.

Here is how he looked like in real life.

Thanks for watching!

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donderdag 6 juni 2024

FIGZ 2024

Here some pictures from the FIGZ meeting at Arnhem of last sunday. It was great seeing some friends again and having a great time.

We start with some pictures of the building up of the event in the morning. Traders, gamers and the bring and show bringing their stuff in place.

Bring and Show

My table! 


Find the subs!

The FIGZ stand.

Benno - Remco - Konrad

Obelix birthday present! :-D

What you can make with chewing gum figures!

Painting Competition.

Empthy table with the trophies.

Martin organizer of this competition
Remco organizer of FIGZ

Sascha Silver Multiple Figures Competition

Andrea Gold Multiple Figures Competition

With the challenge cup

Give it back! :-D

Collin Silver Single Figure Competition

Remco Gold Single Figure Competition

With the challenge cup

Gold Single Figure

Silver Single Figure

Gold Multiple Figures

Silver Multiple Figures

See you all next year for FIGZ on the first sunday of June!

Thanks for watching