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donderdag 27 september 2012

Miss FIGZ 2012

This was my contribution in the 33rd painting competition on Benno's Figures Forum. It all started with a funny poll over there. Question was: "Who's Miss Benno's 2012?". There was a list of female figures wich we could call our favorite. At last "Helena from Greece" won the contest! Reason enough for me to paint her and bring her for real in competition. This time she didn't win but took fourth place. You can't win all!

The base and static grass is from Games Workshop, the flowers from Green Line from Fredericus-Rex, the Ionic Column is from Unicorn Models and the figure is an original Atlantic figure from Greek Life in the Acropolis set.

The lady is 35 years old and still looking very good. What I mean is, that it was a very nice sculpted figure at that moment.

Enjoy the pictures!

I hope you like her!

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- j.d from J.D.M.L Miniatures

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zondag 23 september 2012

Mol 2012 Part 2

Not much talking today just a lot of pictures! This is the second and last part! Enjoy the pictures!

I hope you like them!

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