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vrijdag 21 november 2014

Caesar H048 The Sea People

Well it is going quite good this month on posting. These figures are the first four of this set I've painted. They are not based but will be just as my other figures of the Ancient World I'v made before.

These are figures who are very good sculpted. Not to many little details so they could be painted fast.

I took red as main colour for these four. Later on I will paint them with other colours like blue, green, orange and many other colourfull ones. The white is done like this: white paint, grey wash and drybrushed with white. Thank you Vallejo for the grey wash!

I hope you like them!

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woensdag 19 november 2014

ACTA AWI British Grenadier 1

The figure I present today is a test painted 1/32 figure from A Call To Arms. He will be used as opponent for my two, so far, Revell American Militia men ( one and two ). The figure is very nice sculpted and painted up very well. Lots of little details, that could be seen good.

I hope you like him!

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zondag 16 november 2014

French Girl Power!

Gentlemen, in this post I present you some nice ladies, who stood their man in the Napoleonic Wars. The scene contains six infantry figures and four artillery ones. The figures are produced by 3D Model Studios. They are metal figures and very well sculpted. The size of the figures is a bit big for 1/72 scale, but we can say that to from a company like Zvezda. And as they are all used here in this diorama, there isn't any problem.

I made this little diorama for the painting competition at the FIGZ in Arhnem this year. I didn't win a prize with it but I had a lot of fun painting these figures and making the diorama. The redoubt, cannonballs and barrel is from Italeri. The little campfire is from Art Miniaturen.

The whole scene.

The infantry.

Three marching/standing figures.

Command figures.

The artillery.

Lifting cannonballs is heavy work.

What do we see?

Now, what was I supposed to do?

If I'm only good for cleaning, I could have stayed home!

She's still looking for the enemy.

A couple more random pictures!

I hope you like it!

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woensdag 12 november 2014

Revell 2604 AWI American Militia 2

Next figure is again one of the American Militia of Revell. This one I tried to paint as he is shown on the boxart. It wasn't always easy to find the right colours, but how he looks now is the shortest I can get. Now the first figure, which can be seen here, is not longer alone.

Just as a comparison, first the boxart:

And here the figure:

I hope you like him!

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maandag 10 november 2014

Hat 8037 Austrian Artillery

Yes I have been painting figures in the last few months, but I was a bit to lazy to post them here. Now is the time to put that right. This stand of figures has been painted for the 40th Painting Competition on Benno's forum. It didn't came far, two rounds to be precise. But it was fun painting these figures. Not to much details and I loved the colours of these uniforms. Something different as the red (British) or blue (French) from the ususal Napoleonic troops.

Here are the pictures:

I hope you like them!

Also welcome to a new follower:
- Plastic Hussar from The Plastic Pelisse

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maandag 3 november 2014

CRISIS 2014!

Saterday it was again time for the show I wouldn't like to miss. And like every year it was a great one again! Arrived there a little bit before ten o'clock, and there a queu of waiting halfway the parking area. So many people visiting this event! It becomes bigger and bigger every year.

As every year we have a little meeting with the members of Benno's Figures Forum. We all agreed that this year there wasn't much to buy in our usual scale of 1/72. But that couldn't spoil the fun! We had a great meeting.

From left to right:
Benno, Remco, Kristina, me, Jan with his son and in the back Martin.

Michael on the right joined us.
But most important of this show are the gaming tables. I took pictures (a lot), but can't name them. From some of them I took a picture of the name of the battle, but most of them didn't have that. Here they come, enjoy the tour:

Battle of Poitiers.

these brought back some childhood memories!

These to!

This was a AWI game!

Brave Belgians with dogs!

A couple more!

Zulu's! Thousands of them! Almost!

The "Alde Garde";  redshirts Peter and Jan!

American Civil War game!

WW2 game from the Too Fat Lardies!
It wa great seeing you guys again!

Beautifull buildings!

Keren 1941. Love this gaming table. Climbing the hill!

THS gaming table with our friend Stefan!
Price for "Best presented wargame"

Maximilian in Mexico was the name of the game!

This one was also impressive!

I was also pleased to meet some other bloggers there to. Stefan from Monty's Caravan, Sidney from Roundwood's World, Mario from Making miniatures with Mario and his wife Sofie from Sofies Paint Blog! Thanks for the nice chat!

That was it for now folks! I hope you liked it!

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