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woensdag 20 juli 2011

Zvezda Indian Elephant Part 2

I finally could finish the crew of this elephant. It took me some time with the holliday preparations, but here they are. I had a look at the boxart but decided to add some personal touch, wich means the colors. I love bright colors so that's what I used.

Enjoy the pictures.

Hope you like them!

I asked in my previous post and I had an answer about peoples blogs. So I got the message that the blog of Erhan Atalay is miniafv. Thank you mk_ozkir for this information.
Also my good friend Remco started his own blog, called Miniatures by Remco. I really like his Asterix and Obelix figures.
Also welcome to the following persons; Lord Hill and his blog is about The British Army at Waterloo; Piotr Henryk Nowacki from Revolutionaries ; José Manuel Chasco from 1/72 - Plastic soldier - Diecast ; Henrique Moura Paula Pinto from A COBRA FUMOU and zlikovac from Zlikovac Scale Models.
From the following followers I couldn't find a blog but if you have one just let me know and I'll add them here. Welcome Patrick Mondria, Waz and Amylum.

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vrijdag 8 juli 2011

Zvezda Indian Elephant Part 1

This is where I'm working at for the moment. My wife did me buy this set from Zvezda (PSR review), so it has to be painted. I started with this one because I thought it would be the easiest one to paint. And I can't complain. It painted up very well.

Maeby it's better that you decide for yourself. Enjoy the pictures.

Hope you like them!

At this moment I'm working on the figures, and I hope I get this finished before I go on holliday.

Welcome to Erhan Atalay and Melvin. If you guys have a blog of yourself can you please make it visible in your profile. Also welcome to Alvaro and he has a nice blog called Bajo el Aguila.

Welcome to my blog!!!!!

dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Revell AWI American Militia

Yesterday it was the 4th of July, the day that the American Independence was celebrated. I could have posted these figures yesterday but I didn't. This day is for the Americans. And they celebrated it, even in the Tour the France, with the victory of Tyler Farrar.

Again these figures are bought in a box of Revell, but this are re-issues of the Accurate set. The first one could be seen in "Turkey Hunt", and here are the other 15 of this set.

Enjoy the pictures!

All of them front view

All of them rear view

Militia front view

Militia rear view

Regulars front view

Regulars rear view

Hope you like them.

And welcome to some new followers:

Cameronian and you can find his blog here: Cameronian only a (war)game and mk_ozkir wich blog you can find here: 1/72 Plastik Asker (Plastic Soldier).

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zondag 3 juli 2011

Turkey Hunt

This figure, of the Revell American Militia set a re-issue of the accurate set, is a bit odd because he's pointing his gun up. It looks like he's shooting at a rider, so I thought, and he looks like a hunter, let him go hunting some turkeys.

It was also the first one of this set I've painted. I will post the rest of them later on this week. All 15 other poses of them.

Maybe one remark. I don't like the base very much, but it's not my intention to keep him on it.

Enjoy the pictures!

Hope you like him!

And welcome to El Senyor Verd and he has some nice painted figures on his blog El Senyor Verd.

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