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zondag 16 juni 2013

FIGZ 2013

Two weeks ago we had our meeting at Arhnem. Again it was a very nice day and it was a pleasure again to meet some friend of the Benno's Figures Forum. I took a lot of pictures and I hope you enjoy them.

Special FIGZ figure 2013!
The location:

Shops and wargames on on side!

From left to right: Martin, Michael (Mickey Mouse), Dominic (The Observer)

Bring and show on the other side!


I forgot his nam! Help me!

Jan (MABO)

Andreas (Old Wolf)

Ralf and Dirk (Das_Dirch)

On the right Erik-Jan

Mark (Valion) and Alex

In the back Sascha (Zed1) and Paul. On the right Conny

Conny, Sascha and Paul

Members works:

Took this one for the building in the back!


Competition table:


Martin and Benno

Jan won second price Single figures.

Eric won First price Single figures!

Konrad won second price Multiple figures!

Andreas won first price Multiple figures!

What is that man doing in the front!

Cutting "vlaai"!

The FIGZ promotion table!

Special attention for this price winner:

Thank you Remco and Benno for this wonderfull day!

I see you all at FIGZ 2014 on June First!

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