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vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Salute 2011 Figure

The readers of my blog will remember I wrote a big "thank you" for Ian from The Blog With No Name for the price I won on his "give away". For those who missed it, you can read it here. Finally I managed to paint the big figure of his gift and show you the result here.

I don't paint much 28 mm figures, but sometimes I get that feeling that I have to paint something else. And this one I couldn't resist. I found it such a beautifull sculpt that I wanted to see it painted myself. Before I started I did some research and found out that Confederate Cavalry always had yellow colours. I hope that it is historical correct. If not please let me know. Painted him with acrylic paints and washes.

And now the pictures. I hope you like him.

Sorry, but I can't paint eyes. Tried it, but with no success.

Ian thanks again by sending me this figure!

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maandag 27 januari 2014

Peter's Cave Part 2

After a little delay, I promised to post the pictures yesterday, cause of a family weekend, are here the pictures of my arranged hobbyroom. I took me some time to sort everything out and give it a place in this place. But now I'm happy to have all things in one room.

But I can better explain with some pictures:

My painting table with two lamps, to have enough light to paint.
The box in the left corner is with my painting cans.
The box in the right corner is filled with figures in progress.
In the middle you can see some figures based. They just need some
static grass and then they are finished.

This cupboard stands in the back
of my chair.
Top shelf: planes.
The other shelves: work in progress
and painted figures.
Bottom: books. Most of it from
Tom Clancy.

DVD collection!
Middle shelf of the cupboard:
54 and 28 mm figures.
Bottom shelf:
Spare paint cans.


All boxes are sorted by number.
Top shelf (and shoe boxes): Esci figures
Then from top to bottom:
Revell, Zvezda, Strelets, Italeri, Hat, Caesar, Nexus,
A Call To Arms, Imex, Waterloo 1815, Airfix and

A view from beside.

The bottom shelf are boxes with material to make bases. They are filled with
all kinds of scenery.
The other shelf is again with boxes of loose figures.
The brown boxes are for painted figures.

Just some kits to assemble.

The not filled showcase.

But not complete empty!

Well that's it. Now only thing I have to do in it is painting figures. But that will not be a problem with all this stuff! It was even more as I knew. 

I hope you like it!

I also want to welcome some new followers:
- Pierre Le Poillu from Vauban ToMaginot
- Adam Carriere from Fencing Frog
- One A Day Tech who came back with a new blog called One A Day Tech

I also want to announce another "Give Away" wich is ongoing! This time it is Andrew Saunders who reached the 100 K views milestone. Take a look at his blog Lokis Great Hall!

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donderdag 23 januari 2014

Hat 8208 Hadendowah Camelry and a teaser!

Here's my first complete painted sprue of figures from this year. These are some figures for the Mahdist Revolt. It was the fault of Clint that I started to paint these ones. He was always busy talking about and painting camels, I wanted to paint some for myself. So here you can see the result.

I hope you like them!

You all know I've been talking a lot about my new hobbyroom in previous post so here is a little teaser before I show the rest of the pictures, wich will be on sunday I think. Untill then you will have to do it with this picture that shows one shelf with plastic goodness!

Have a good weekend!

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vrijdag 17 januari 2014

Hat Nassau Infantry Based Part 1

Not really new figures this time but some older ones that I have based. If you want to see more painted figures of this unit you can find them in these posts:

The base is 3 x 6 cm big, used a mix of woodfiller and sand to make the groundwork. Painted dark brown, drybrushed with some lighter browns and added some static grass from Games Workshop. The orange colour on the sides of the base point them out as Dutch troops.

I hope you like them.

This weekend I will be working on my hobbyroom, and I hope to get it finished. If so you can expect some pictures next week.

Then I would like to announce a "Give Away" on the The Miniatures Man blog from Joakim. He's celebratinng his 50K pageviews with some excellent figures! Have a look over there! And if he reaches 100 followers before the draw, he will do something extra.

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maandag 13 januari 2014

Caesar Dwarves 4-5-6/10 and .....

Painted some more dwarves from the Green Shields clan. As promised the first one doesn't have an axe this time. He's armed with an impressive gun.

Here you can see them with his clan members so far.

But the post says 4-5-6 of 10, so here are the other two. Again two with axes. Sorry but I can't help it that they prefer an axe as weapon.

Some more to follow!

And it finally arrived!

Today the final piece for my "man cave" arrived. A nice showcase to hang against the wall. Now I finally have something where I can present my little works.
I didn't unpack it yet, that will be for later on this week. Untill then you will have to do it with the following two pictures.

For those who missed the first post of my new hobbyroom, you can find the pictures in the post Peter's Cave Part 1!

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dinsdag 7 januari 2014

Revell 2604 American Militia 1

Here's my first painted figure of 2014. And it's a big one! While sorting out the stuff on my new hobby room, I found this set under the mountain of plastic. So I thought to myself why don't you paint one, to start this year with something easy. So I did and here's the result.

Painted with acrilyc paints and washes.

He comes from this set:

A couple more pictures:

I hope you like him.

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