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zondag 25 september 2011

The Happy Wargamer

This figure was a gift on the FIGZ meeting in Goor (the Netherlands). It calls "The Happy Wargamer" and is created by Alex Gussev from Russia. You can see more of his work here.

But let's start with the base. The base is painted with the Belgian flag, and the blue looks like the shirts of the Belgian team, which are riding their World Championship at this very moment.
The dice is in the colors of the Netherlands organizer of the meeting.

The figure is painted in the colors of Russia to honor Alex. (Hope you like it mate?) Trousers in blue, and the shirt in white and red.

Hope you like him!

On Benno's are a few others who painted their "Happy Wargamer":
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- Erik-Jan
- Zed1                    (Blog)
Click on their name to see their contribution!

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zaterdag 17 september 2011

Hat Nassau Infantry Grenadiers

As said in my previous post, the Hat Nassau Infantry Fusiliers, I was working on these Grenadiers. Now finally I managed to finish them. I'll be honest, while painting them, I hate them. But then when I see the final result, I'm so pleased to see them. These figures have a very nice colorful uniform, and they look so good in group. But the group picture will for the end of the Group Build on Benno's Figures Forum, where you can see all the pictures in one topic.

One of the reasons I'm still painting these figures, is that I want to support my good friend Jan from MABO Pictures. He runs a website about DVD's on modelling. But he's also the only one who is painting these figures in that GB. You can see how he's painting them here.

These Grenadiers come from two sets of Hat. The first one, and the biggest with the Fusiliers and Light Company figures only contain two Grenadiers. It's the Hat 8147 Nassau Infantry set. The other four are from the Hat 8097 Lutzow Freikorps & Nassau Grenadiers . They match very well, so I decided to paint them also for this GB.

Here are the pictures:

All six of them front view.

All six of them rear view.

The two figures of set 8147.

The four figures of set 8097.

I hope you like them!

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woensdag 14 september 2011

Young Napoleon

This figure shows Napoleon Bonaparte at the Pont d'Arcole in Paris. It's the year 1796 when he defeats the Austrians at this bridge over the river Seine.

The figure is based, and that's a personal opinion, on this painting:

It is from the Legio Miniatures - Bruno Arnal range. I've painted him with acrylic paints from Games Workshop and Revell. The blue is maybe a bit to light, but I will not change it.

Enjoy the pictures!

Hope you like him!

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zondag 11 september 2011

Meeting Mol Belgium 2011

Today I was at the meeting in Mol, near by the place I live. It's a moddeling show with lots of variety in scale as in subject. From Fantasy to reality.

The following pictures are all taken on the competition table. Some of them are out of competion made by members of the organisation.

Hope you like them!

Don't tell anyone but at the end of this post you will see a pricewinner!

And with the following contribution I won the bronze medal in the category "Figures on a little vignette". It was with the Monty Python French Castle vignette.

A picture like this was projected on big screen!

Me receiving my price!

My price!

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