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woensdag 29 november 2023

Elastolin Cowboy 6985 (Copy)

Here is a copy of an Elastolin Cowboy that I painted. The figure reminds me on Gary Cooper in the movie "High Noon". The Elastolin figures were figures I could only see behind glass in the toyshop when I was young. They were much to expensive for one figure, and I don't know what people pay for this kind of figures this day, but I don't think it has changed.

Anyhow it was fun painting this figure. The figure is a bit bigger as 54 mm but not that much that wouldn't go together with my other 54 mm figures. And as Always painted with acrylic paint. I hope you like him. 

Here you can see the original figure in a picture of a catalogue. I have some more of these figures, copies of course, and one day I will paint them.

Some posters of the movies that I used for my inspiration. Wiki page High Noon

And of course I couldn't resist to make a black and white picture!

Thanks for watching! 

Painted in 2023

- 20 mm:

    - Figures: 2

    - Horses: 8

    - Cannons: 0

    - Wagons: 2

- 28 mm

    - Figures: 1

- 54 mm

    - Figures: 54