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zondag 10 mei 2015

Jean Höfler Figures 1 and Ray's 500th post

Some of the older followers of my blog will recognize this figure for sure. The younger ones amongst you maybe not. This fellow is one of the oldest figures I have in my collection. I played with this kind of figures when I was a kid and also did my grown sons. I painted a lot of the cowboys as cavalry figures for the kids, but now I decided to paint them again in various outfits. Here is the first of many I hope. The painting of these figures will go on on irregular base. Let's say when I'm in the mood. Not only the figures are asking to be repainted but also a little town and fort of this range.

I have my inspiration from this webside: And if you want to see how the whole collection looks like, then have a look here:

I'm always looking on fleemarkets and second hand stores to find more of these figures. My latest purchase were six knights for half an euro. Good deal!

Enjoy the pictures! 

There was something else I was supposed to talk about??? Oh yes, Ray's 500th post on his blog. The good man is organizing a Blog Give Away on his blog for this occasion. He also asked what the best post was on his blog. For me that was for sure the one where Ray won a set of brushes on another blog give away. The same brushes that his good friend Fran wanted to win. In one of his following post Ray gave them to Fran, but they weren't good anymore. Looks like chewed on them before. Made me laugh a lot.
You want to see and read more about the give away, then give his blog Don't throw a 1 a visit! Up to your next 500 post Ray! Congrats!

Welcome to my blog!!!!!