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zondag 11 juli 2021

Caesar H036 WWII Chinese Army

I had some figures of this set lying around, but not enough, and with the help of a friend at Benno's Figures Forum, who sended me some extra figures so I could make three bases with these figures. This set of figures doesn't have so much details, so they painted very easely. Not all poses ofthem are presented because I didn't have them. Nevertheless this is a nice mix. 

I hope you like them.


Thanks for watching and stay safe!

Model on!

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Very cool figures, Peter. Nice details and not a very often seen army.

  2. Nice job, unusual and beautiful minis!

  3. Hi Pieter,

    one of the forgotten armies of WW2. I like them very much, wanted to create my own army to fight the Japanese

    And of course a good paintjob:-)


  4. Great job Peter! I love the base work too.
    I have also painted some of this set and it is great.
    Just a tip: Cover the thin parts ( grenade, gun tips etc) with a thin coat of white(PVA) glue. These figures are from a very strange type of plastic( not so elastic, not so hard) and they tend to break easily.
    I do that to all my 1:72 figures and it keeps them strong.
    Don't worry about appearance cause it is totaly unvisible when it dries out . Cheers :)