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donderdag 29 februari 2024

The Magnificent Seven - Part 01 - Chris Adams

This is the start of a very long project. Figures and horses included this project will have 39 pieces to paint. The figures are from Steve Westons Toy Soldiers and they came as a present from my good friends Paul Howes (The Seven) and Detlef Heerbrand (All Mexicans, good and bad guys). Thanks you guys! 

I start with the "Seven" and the first one is of course Chris Adams, played in the movie by Yul Brunner. I always thought he had a full black clothing but now when I have a close look it looks more as a dark grey. But I've painted him in black with a nice grey drybrush and I must say I like the final result. He looks like Yul and I have the dark grey that I wanted and good shading on the figure.

Figures are based on this movie.

Yul Brunner as Chris Adams

Unpainted figure.

This movie is one of my favorites, also because of the great actors that are in this movie but also because of the story. Original it were Seven Samourais, and that is the only movie I'm missing in my collection of the Seven. There is also a TV-series which is not bad in my opinion. Well, up to the next one and I hope you like my version of Chris Adams.

Thanks for watching!

Painted in 2024

- 20 mm:

    - Figures: 0

    - Horses: 0

    - Cannons: 0

    - Wagons: 0

- 28 mm

    - Figures: 0

- 54 mm

    - Figures: 11

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